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The Grounds of
Ballintubber Abbey

The serene graveyard beckons you as you leave the Abbey.





I've always loved wandering through graveyards and contemplating life in their peaceful surroundings. One of the unique things Sandra and I really loved about the Ballintubber graveyard was the millions of tiny pieces of black Connemara marble that had been hauled in and spread among the tombstones. They glistened in the rain like rare Irish jewels and we couldn't resist bringing a few home with us.


The grounds of Ballintubber Abbey were painstakingly planned. Groupings of natural structures representing The Stations of the Cross were scattered about. The ones that caught my attention were the dolmen, the stone bridge over a stream, the three crosses on a hill, and the fairy ring. There was also a life-sized statue of St. Patrick, who appeared to be preaching to the group of Connemara sheep which were grazing in the lush, green pasture beside the abbey.


I discovered that a dolmen makes a pretty good umbrella.

Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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