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Here's to the Memories:
The Brendan Years
by Debra Talley
Based on original RS fanfic which takes place
in the Brendan Universe created by Thekla Kurth and Debra Talley
Tune: "Here's to the Memories"
Verse 1
Here's to the memories --
<> Of bottles and champagne;
Love that never wanes;
Of making sure that all our children had the perfect name --
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories --
Of Disney poster walls;
Hungry midnight squalls;
Of stealing kisses sweet while hearing giggles in the hall --
How lovely it's been!
"Kissing the Girl" at the drive-in;
Chastising our offspring for break-ins;
And being all things to our children --
Through thick and thin,
How great it's been!
So here's to the memories --
Of teaching wrong from right;
Weekly pillow fights;
Of rare romantic eves when bedroom locks stayed fastened tight --
How lovely it's been!
Verse 2
Here's to the memories --
Of fairy tales and flu;
Ferris wheels for two;
Of gazing in our children's eyes and seeing you anew --
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories --
Of jewels returned with flair;
Jailbreaks planned with care;
Of missing Christmas presents and a son with heart to spare --
How lovely it's been!
Soaking our cares in Aveeno;
Relaxing in front of the fire's glow;
And dancing in our own gazebo --
What could compare
To times we've shared?
So here's to the memories --
Of wild Temptation flings;
Sparkling birthstone rings;
Of labor pains and christenings and all the joys they bring --
How lovely it's been!
Thanks, Pamo, for the screen caps!

Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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