Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Division

"Commitment of Steele"
Debra Talley
Tune: "Traces"
Originally appeared in Speculations of Steele 2
Wedding bells for two;
Vows exchanged in desperation.
Blushing bride a mess;
Groom avoiding deportation.
Emotions charged fill the air;
Frayed nerves are everywhere--
What could compare?
Bride a nervous wreck;
Groom all smiles for his new Mrs.
For better or for worse,
Marriage sealed with hugs and kisses.
The knot is tied, firm and tight;
The bonds of Steele are strong--
What possibly now could go wrong?
Two childish people afraid of love;
Why can't they both admit
It's marriage they've been dreaming of?
Years will come and go;
They'll encounter stormy weather.
But as love still grows,
They'll know they belong together.
As time goes by they'll recall
That fateful day in May
When finally true love found its way.

Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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