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Gort, Ireland
Co. Galway


After leaving Ashford Castle, the next major destination on our road trip was the monastic city of Kilmacduagh, a "Manions of America" site near Gort, Co. Galway. "Manions", a 6 hour mini-series which aired on NBC in 1981, introduced American audiences - and me - to Irish actor Pierce Brosnan. His Rory O'Manion was the passionate, fiery leader of The Young Irelanders, a group of Irish rebels who fought for freedom from England during the 1850 potato famine. Though Rory hated England, he fell madly in love with the daughter of his English landlord.

The entire mini-series was filmed in Ireland, with Dublin standing in for Philadelphia in Part Two and the majority of Part Three. I was pretty sure that Part One was filmed in the west of Ireland because of the stone walls and the wild, rugged, barren landscape. After studying my Irish travel books and comparing their pictures to my screen captures from "Manions", I concluded that the double stone wall where Rory tumbled Rachel from her horse was located at Kilmacduagh, as was the ruined abbey where The Young Irelanders held their secret meetings. Kilmacduagh round tower, which leans at an angle and is referred to as the Leaning Tower of Ireland, was what helped me pinpoint the location.


After spotting her brother riding his horse down the road where she and Rory are enjoying a tumble in the field, Rachel jumps up and runs to the stone wall. (Picture by Pamo)


Steele in Ireland

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