Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Division

"Here's to the Memories:
The First Year"
Debra Talley
Originally appeared in Our Favorite Things 2
Verse 1
Here's to the memories--
The time our eyes first met;
Sweet romantic bets;
The strip tease at the winery--how could I e'er forget?
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories--
'The Lovers' escapade;
Married life charades;
Of sleeping on your shoulder while a killer made a raid--
How lovely it's been!
Romantic nights in wine cellars;
And long breathless weekends on islands;
And wild sleepless nights in museums--
What could compare
To times we've shared?
So here's to the memories--
Of crawls through tunnels tight;
Sexy books by Knight;
Of posing on the pier beneath a starry sky at night--
How lovely it's been!
Verse 2
Here's to the memories--
Of Peppler's tipsy bride;
Tea at morning-tide;
Of holding hands together on a suicide crane ride--
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories--
Of burned gourmet delights;
Dancing through the night;
Of smart ancestral ghosts who like to turn out all the lights--
How lovely it's been!
Finding new uses for honey;
And kissing while buried in money;
Like Powell and Loy in the movies--
Through thick and thin,
How great it's been!
So here's to the memories--
Of lavulite so blue;
Sleeping bags for two;
Of trading six months of my life for one sweet night with you!
Though I've been a wanderer, now I choose to stay with you--
How lovely it's been!

Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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