Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Division


"Here's to the Memories:
The Second Year"
Debra Talley
Originally appeared in Our Favorite Things 2
Verse 1
Here's to the memories--
Of running in the park;
Stake-outs in the dark;
Of kissing in the Auburn while a bullet left its mark--
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories--
Of bullfights on the run;
Acapulco fun;
"Notorious" and old "Key Large" all rolled into one--
How lovely it's been!
Flowers from secret admirer;
Protecting Caruso from gangsters;
Excitement on circus high wires--
What could compare
To times we've shared?
So here's to the memories--
Of broken legs and pain;
Flowers and champagne;
Of sandy strolls by Pepe's of exotic fan dance fame--
How lovely it's been!
Verse 2
Here's to the memories--
Of tacos shared at night;
Magic carpet rides;
Of hiding in a coffin while we searched for lavulite--
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories--
Of midnight horseback rides;
Break ins done with pride;
Of finding that a taxi trunk's the perfect place to hide--
How lovely it's been!
Cringing while swimming with sea snakes;
Retrieving the Rabbit from cold lakes;
And sneezing our way through a jail break--
Through thick and thin,
How great it's been!
So here's to the memories--
Of guarding jewels sky blue;
Candlelight for two;
Of noodle soup and tender tears when all things seemed brand new.
Even after two years, I still choose to stay with you--
How lovely it's been!
The characters of Remington Steele are used without permission.
All original lyrics copyrighted 1982-2008 by Debra Talley for entertainment purposes only.