Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Division

"Here's to the Memories:
The Third Year"
Debra Talley
Originally appeared in Our Favorite Things 2
Verse 1
Here's to the memories--
Of romance by the Bay;
Rub downs with Ben Gay;
Of kissing in a hayloft, where you stole my heart away--
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories--
Of jolting buggy rides;
Rescues done with pride;
Of holding hands while romping through the Irish countryside--
How lovely it's been!
Gondola rides in ole Malta;
And fireworks on the Riviera;
And night flights to quaint Catalina--
What could compare
To times we've shared?
So here's to the memories--
Of dancing at the Mark;
Jaunts through Lincoln Park;
Of huddling together on a breezy cable car--
How lovely it's been!
Verse 2
Here's to the memories--
Of English kisses sweet;
Breathless birthday treats;
Of dazzling days in Vegas when I swept you off your feet--
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories--
Of ankles sprained with style;
Glances that beguile;
Of thinking we were more than friends on Erin's misty isle--
How lovely it's been!
Searching for lost Maltese treasure;
Enjoying old movies together;
Combining our business with pleasure--
Through thick and thin,
How great it's been!
So here's to the memories--
Of broken bones for two;
Midnight rendezvous;
Of bandages and aching ribs, when romance bloomed anew--
If I had my rathers, I'd still choose to stay with you--
How lovely it's been!
The characters of Remington Steele are used without permission.
All original lyrics copyrighted 1982-2008 by Debra Talley for entertainment purposes only.