Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Division
"Here's to the Memories:
The Fourth Year"
Debra Talley
Originally appeared in Our Favorite Things 2
Verse 1
Here's to the memories--
Of learning how to trust;
Kisses shared at dusk;
Of rare alumni portraits that would make a grown man blush--
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories--
Of breathless Christmas Eves;
Trying not to sneeze;
Of consolation prizes that help disappointments ease--
How lovely it's been!
Seeing old London by starlight;
And romantic swims in the moonlight;
And dancing together by firelight--
What could compare
To times we've shared?
So here's to the memories--
Of fights that clear the air;
Tender loving care;
Of watching Rhett and Scarlett kiss and taking it from there--
How lovely it's been!
Verse 2
Here's to the memories--
Of glances that entice;
London's rare delights;
Of evenings spent behind closed doors on dark and stormy nights--
How lovely it's been!
Here's to the memories--
Of letters on the beach;
Jailhouse kisses sweet;
Of growing even closer while surviving on the street--
How lovely it's been!
Intimate talks in gazebos;
Romantic reunions in Soho;
And passion filled nights at the late show--
Through thick and thin,
How great it's been!
So here's to the memories--
Of deportation blues;
Wedding bells for two;
Of standing by the "captain" and repeating our I do's
For better or for worse, now my wandering days are through--
How lovely it's been!
The characters of Remington Steele are used without permission.
All original lyrics copyrighted 1982-2008 by Debra Talley for entertainment purposes only.