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"Nightmares of Steele"
Part 2
Thekla Kurth & Debra Talley

This story is set in the Brendan Universe.

Mildred awoke with a start to find Laura leaning over her, shaking her shoulder. Groggily Mildred sat up, looked around and realized she was on Remington's couch.
"Oh, Miss Holt!" Mildred exclaimed in relief as she put her hand to her head. "Thank goodness you woke me up!"
"That must have been some dream!" Laura said with a laugh. "I've never seen you blush quite like that before. Want to tell me about it?"
"Oh, I couldn't possibly!" Mildred protested quickly. "It was a nightmare I'd rather forget as quickly as possible."
"Well, I picked up some things at my loft and I'm set to stay the night with Mr. Steele," Laura explained. "Why don't you go on home and try to get some real rest?"
Mildred got up and began gathering her things.
"How's he feeling?" Laura inquired as she walked Mildred to the door.
"I insisted he take one of his pills about an hour ago, so he's been sleeping since then," Mildred said. "He was determined to stay awake until you got here, but he was exhausted and I wouldn't let him."
"I'm glad you made him take a pill,"Laura agreed. "Falling down an elevator shaft, breaking his leg and then being held hostage is enough trauma to incapacitate even a man of steele."
"Ah, but Miss Holt; it was his worrying about you that hit him the hardest. He keeps worrying about what Wally might have done to you if the police hadn't arrived in time. He feels guilty because he wasn't able to save you himself."
"I'll have a talk with him in the morning," Laura promised. "Don't worry."
"He's also been pretty restless tonight, Miss Holt. He's done a lot of tossing and turning and has been mumbling in his sleep."
"Sounds like you're not the only one having nightmares tonight, Mildred," Laura said with a smile.
"Well, good night, Miss Holt. I'll drop by tomorrow and give you a break."
"Thanks, Mildred. Good night. And pleasant dreams."
After locking the front door, Laura walked into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee.After changing into the gown and robe she had brought with her from the loft, she entered Remington's bedroom.
She found him sprawled atop the bed covers in pajamas and robe, his broken leg propped up on two pillows. One arm was thrown above his head. Laura smoothed his tousled hair with her hand and gave him a light kiss on his cheek. She rummaged in the mirrored closet, located two pillows and carried them to the bed.
An old movie was playing on the large television screen. Laura walked to the video shelf and pulled out one of her favorites, The 39 Steps. Although she had seen it several times with Remington, she never tired of it. Robert Donat, Madeline Carrole, handcuffed together, on the run in the European countryside. Seeing it was always a bittersweet experience for gave Laura. She'd never be able to forget the disappointed, wistful expression on Remington's face when his amnesia had lifted and he had remembered they were merely 'good friends.' She had felt that same disappointment herself many times. But at the same time, watching it brought back many pleasant memories--especially of sweet kisses in an Irish hayloft and the knowledge that Remington had not been withholding his real name from her after all.
Laura set up the tape, found the remote control under Remington's arm and gently stretched herself on the bed beside Remington. She fluffed the pillows beneath her shoulders and settled down to enjoy the movie. As she started the movie, however, Remington awoke with a jerk.
She leaned over and placed a reassuring arm on his shoulder. "It's just me. Go back to sleep," she said in a soothing voice.
"Laura... Ah, Laura," Remington mumbled groggily. "Mildred..?"
"Mildred went home," Laura explained. "I'm playing nursemaid now."
"Ahhh, The 39 Steps. One of my favorites. If you'll help me sit up, we can ... watch it together... Mmm...."
"Absolutely not, Mr. Steele. I'm watching it alone this time; you need your sleep. Now be quiet and go back to sleep so I can hear," Laura ordered.
"I am ... sort of ... sleepy..." Remington mumbled as sleep overtook him again.
Laura smiled, sank back into her pillows and began enjoying the movie. It wasn't long before she found herself yawning...
It was early afternoon at the Remington Steele Agency. Remington, in his shirt sleeves, was hard at work behind his desk. Laura, wearing a skirt and dressy silk blouse with a bow, entered from her office. She slowly walked to the door leading into the agency lobby, locked it and then leaned against it, striking a seductive pose.
Remington watched her warily, wondering what she was up to and what she was holding her hand. Then to his utter amazement, she began singing at the top of her voice. He recognized the tune as "Let's Get Away from It All"--but the lyrics were definately her own. Finally he was catching a glimpse of a wild and passionate Laura and he was going to enjoy it while it lasted.
It's time we call it a day, Love;
(Laura loosens her bow, takes it off, and tosses it to Remington.)
It's time we both have some fun.
(Laura kicks her left shoe across the room; Remington catches it.)
Let's take a breather;
(She kicks off her other shoe; Remington catches it, also.)
Mix business with pleasure--
(She slinks over to Remington's desk, removes her barrettes and shakes her hair.)
Let's steele some time for romance.
(Laura lies provocatively across Remington's desk. She opens the two fans she was holding in her hand, and fans herself.)
We've got the place to ourselves, Love;
(Laura slides across his desk, dangles her legs over the edge. She hands Remington one of the fans. )
Let's be impulsive and wild.
(She crosses her legs and slowly removes a stocking.)
Passion and kisses
(She tosses her stocking around Remington's neck.)
Sound oh, so delicious;
(Laura removes her other stocking and drapes it around Remington's neck.)
Let's steele some time for romance.
(Laura tickles Remington teasingly under his chin.)
There's no one here but you and me;
(Laura loosens Remington's tie.)
The office doors are locked.
(Laura pulls Remington close by his tie and gives him a quick kiss.)
Let's make love all afternoon;
(Laura removes Remington's tie and flings it behind her.)
We'll pull out all the stops.
(Laura seductively unbuttons Remington's shirt.)
Now's not the time to be shy, Love;
(Laura begins running her fingers over his chest.)
Now's not the time for restraint.
(Laura unbuttons her blouse)
Let's fan the fire, Love,
(Laura tosses her blouse behind her.)
Of flaming desire, Love;
(Laura playfully sits on Remington's lap, placing one hand inside his shirt and messing his hair with the other.)
Let's steele some time for romance!
(Laura leans in close and assaults Remington with mad, passionate kisses.)
Laura and Remington were oblivious to everything around them. They did not hear Mildred buzzing them on the intercom. They did not hear her calling their names and asking if they were okay. They did not hear Mildred and Abigail pounding on their door. They did not hear Laura's mother order them, in no uncertain terms, to open their door. And they did not hear Century City Security tell them to move away from the door before they forced it open.
But they *did* notice when Remington's door flew open and two Century City guards came flying into the office, followed by a very shocked Mildred and Abigail. Remington and Laura abruptly stopped kissing as they looked up and saw their unexpected visitors.
Mother!" declared Laura in total surprise.
"Abigail?" Remington asked in bewilderment as he stood up, unceremoniously dumping Laura off his lap and onto the floor.
Seeing the still shocked expressions on his visitors' faces, he ran his hands nervously through his hair and hastily tried to make himself presentable.
"Ah, Abigail. Mildred. Won't you come in?"he asked as he rebuttoned his shirt and began looking around for his tie.
"Mr. Steele," Abigail said indignantly.
Remington then noticed Laura sprawled on the floor beside his desk.
"Ah, Laura. There you are," he said as he gallantly helped her to stand. "You didn't tell me your mother was coming for a visit."
"That's because I didn't know," Laura explained as she tried to straighten her hair.
"Laura!" Abigail gasped as she sawing her daughter's state of undress.
Suddenly realizing she was minus a blouse, Laura grabbed the nearest thing she could find to cover herself, which happened to be the two fans still laying on Remington's desk.
"Laura, I am shocked. Utterly shocked," Abigail declared in a pained voice.
"Mother, please..."
"And you, Mr. Steele," Abigail admonished as she turned abruptly to face Remington. "I entrusted my daughter to you. I know some bosses like to take liberties with their employees, but I never imagined you as the type."
Remington looked embarrassed, but said nothing.
Mildred, who had been watching this odd display, approached him. On the way, she picked up his tie and quietly handed it to him.
He took it gratefully, draping it around his neck. "Abigail, it's not as bad as it looks," Remington tried to explain as he finally found his voice.
"0h, I know exactly what it looks like," Abigail said. She was in no mood to listen to reason.
"Mother, let me explain..." Laura began again.
Abigail ignored her daughter once more.
"I realize Laura is attractive. And sometimes it may be difficult for a man like you, Mr. Steele, to curb his natural desires. But haven't you ever heard the expression 'business and pleasure don't mix'?"
"Many times," Remington sighed.
Abigail then turned her wrath on Laura. "And you, Laura. You always were reckless and impulsive--just like your father. Wild and uninhibited. You've always needed someone to help curb those traits. Therefore, you're coming back to Connecticut with me. I'm getting you out of this den of iniquity."
"Mother!" Laura screamed, stepping in front of Abigail, fans still in place. "There is no bloody way I am moving back to Connecticut."
"Very well then," Abigail reasonably replied. "I'll just move in with you here in L.A." She then glanced pointedly at Remington. "And Mr. Steele, I'll be dropping in frequently here at the office, to make sure you don't take any more liberties."
Laura opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Remington, also, was at a loss for words.
"Come along, Laura. We need to find a suitable home for the two of us in a nice neighborhood. Oh, and do put some clothes on..."
Remington finally found his voice just as Abigail, dragging Laura behind her, reached the door leading to the agency lobby. "Always a pleasure to see you, Abigail. Perhaps we can have dinner soon."
Laura and Mildred looked at Remington like he had lost his mind. He just shrugged and smiled sheepishly.
To be continued...


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