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"This Man with No Name"
by Debra Talley
Tune: "On the Street Where You Live," from My Fair Lady
Originally appeared in Dial 'S' for Steele 1
I'm a victim of my own trickery;
I devised this dashing front man folks would never see.
But then he appeared--now the joke's on me!
I'm in love with this man with no name!
He assumed my dream man's identity.
His illusive past excites my curiosity.
Seems I've fallen for my own fantasy!
I'm in love with this man with no name!
I've tried to break his defenses,
But he has a will of pure steele.
His charms, they leave me defenseless--
Just one sweet kiss and I am lost in his embrace!
Tacky mystery has its own rewards;
Should I share my life with him I never would be bored!
He's that rare unique unsolved mystery.
I'm in love with this man with no name!

Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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