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Note: The stories below are listed chronologically according to universe.
None of the stories were not written in parts, but some were posted that way to make downloading easier.
Brendan Universe
"Nightmares of Steele"
This story, which originally appeared in Steele in Circulation 2, takes place immediately after "Santa Claus is Coming to Steele." It is the first story in my Brendan Universe and was originally written in 1985.
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"Steele in the Mood"
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8
Originally written in 1986, this story is a prequel to "Bonds of Steele" and "Steeling a New Life" and is part of the Brendan Universe. It originally appeared in Steele in Circulation 2 and Friends and Lovers 3.

"Steele Hoping for a Brighter Tomorrow"
Remington struggles with his feelings about Anna, the past and the future in this follow up to "Woman of Steele." This story was written in July 2000 as part of the 2nd RSFic Challenge.

"Steadfast Steele"
Laura copes with Remington's mysterious 36 hour disappearance and his subsequent arrest following a diamond heist. This story takes place between the scenes of "Forged Steele" and appeared in the Sept. 2000 issue of the RS e-zine The Magnifying Glass.

"Steeling a New Life"
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"Born to Steele"-Epilogue to "Steeling a New Life"
Originally written in the summer of 1988, this is a sequel to my own "Steele in the Mood" and NBC's "Bonds of Steele." It begins the evening of Laura and Remington's tunafied wedding and concludes with the birth of their son, Brendan. It originally appeared in Margaret Basta's Lies, Cheats, and Steele 1 and is part of my Brendan Universe.
I believe the story stands on its own, but it is a direct sequel to "Steele in the Mood" and you might like to read it, also. "Steele in the Mood" appeared originally in Nora Mayers' Steele in Circulation 2 and then in 1999 a slightly revised form appeared in Timikro Press' Friends and Lovers 3. I believe you can still order a copy by sending an e-mail to Anna Barber at

"Steele Warm As Toast"
Laura and Remington celebrate their 6 month anniversary, but the evening doesn't quite turn out the way they had planned. This story is set in the Brendan Universe and was written in May 2000 as part of a SteeleFiction Challenge.

"Never Too Young to Steele"
Originally written in 1986, this is the first story in the Brendan Trilogy. It takes place almost eight years after the epilogue of "Steeling a New Life."

"The Best Christmas Steele Ever"
Originally written in 1985, this is the second story in the Brendan Trilogy and follows the events in "Never Too Young to Steele."

"It's Steele Just Child's Play"
This is the last part of the Brendan Trilogy, following "Never Too Young to Steele" and "The Best Christmas Steele Ever." Originally written in 1990 and revised in 1999, this story appeared in Friends & Lovers 4 in May of 2000. You can still order a copy by sending an e-mail to Anna Barber at

"Freedom of Los Angeles" Winner Remington Steele
Pays Tribute to Partner
Remington's acceptance speech, as published in the Los Angeles Tribune
Note: This article, set in the Brendan Universe, was written as a part of The Steele Post, a production of the RSFic newspaper challenge.

Alternate Universe
"Steele for Better or for Worse"
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10
Originally written in 1988, this story explores the question, "What if Laura and Remington had a marriage of convenience soon after Laura's Cannes' decision?" It appeared in a revised form in Friends & Lovers 2 in May 1998 and has been slightly revised here.


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