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Top 11 Titles Considered for the Official
Tell-All Book About Remington Steele Investigations
11. I Was an Illegal Alien, by Remington Steele
10. The Criminal Mind, by Remington Steele
9. It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief, by Remington Steele
8. Close Shaves, by Remington Steele
7. More Brain Than Brawn, by Laura Holt-Steele
6. Point Me to the Laundry Hamper, by Laura Holt-Steele
5. Mixing Business and Pleasure: Is It Advisable in the Workplace?,
by Laura Holt-Steele and Remington Steele
4.The Battle of the Sexes:The Only Battle Worth Fighting,
by Laura Holt-Steele and Remington Steele
3. Behind the Red Door, by Laura Holt -Steele and Remington Steele
2. The Mantle of Remington Steele, by Laura Holt-Steele and Remington Steele
1. Partners in Crime, by Laura Holt-Steele and Remington Steele

Top 14 Titles Considered by Friends & Associates
of Remington Steele Investigations for Their
Unofficial Tell-All Books
14. Pros and Cons, by Daniel Chalmers
13. Dancing Around Life's Edges, by Daniel Chalmers
12. Lurking in the Shadows, by Daniel Chalmers
11. Forging Steele, by Bernice Wolf Foxe and Murphy Michaels
10. Don't Leave Your Badge in the Soap Dish, by Detective. James Jarvis
9. Across a Satin Pillow, by Felicia Desmond
8. Always on Call, by Clarissa
7. Never Pose Naked for a Bankrupt Duke, by Shannon Wayne
6. From Bats to Bones, by Anthony Roselli
5. Lynching the Illegal Alien: My Experiences as an INS Agent,
by Gladys Lynch
4. Steele in the Fast Lane, by Fred
3. Cesspools and Other Signs of Undying Love, by Frances and Donald Piper
2. A Suitcase Full of Purple Clothes and No Place to Go, by Abigail Holt
1. Steele Digging, by Mildred Krebbs

Top 10 Slogans Considered by
Remington Steele Investigations
10. "Vigilance is our watchword...and dignity...and follow -through."
9. "Not just another shady shamus.
8. "Our word is our bond."
7. "Nobody does it better."
6. "Remington Steele is Still the One"
5. "Tired of being waltzed around? Let Remington Steele take the lead."
4. "Impossible challenges are our speciality."
3. "Where street savvy and continental sophistication go hand-in-glove."
2. "The finest criminal mind in the business."
1."The Dom Perignon of Detectives"

Top 10 Places to Hide a Body
10. in a vat of wine
9. in the bathtub of your aunt's boss
8. in the refrigerator
7. in a garment bag on an airport luggage carousel
6. on a coat hook
5. in a cadaver room
4. in a gym locker at a boxing club
3. in a crate of ball bearings
2. in an ice cream truck
1. in the morgue

Top 12 Excuses Used to
Explain Mr. Steele's Absence to Clients
12. caught in traffic
11. meeting with the mayor
10. on a special hush-hush case
9. limo had flat tire
8. visiting a sick uncle/friend
7. indisposed at the moment
6. meditating
5. in conference with a client
4. flights from Bogota are unreliable
3. pulling a suicidal stranger off a bridge
2. kidnapped by a gang of Latin youths
1. functions best in advisory capacity

Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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