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Top 10 Ways Laura Has Proved a
Woman Can Be as Stupidly Macho as Any Man
10. Being drugged, kidnapped and admitted to a drug rehabilitation hospital because she refused to accept Remington's protection after finding a strange man in her bedroom
9. Almost getting killed while dressed as a decoy in order to lure a group of murderers into the open
8. Almost getting kidnapped while searching alone in Acapulco for murderers and diamond smugglers
7. Refusing to accept police protection for the Agency after kidnapper/extortionist
started injuring the other witnesses
6. Taking the Agency gun and meeting alone with a criminal in a deserted warehouse
5. Breaking into the Russian Embassy in Dublin not once, but three times
4. Going alone at night to the Soho area of London with a mass murderer at large
3. Renting a boat and meeting alone with a gang of probable criminals on a secluded Maltese island
2. Recklessly risking imprisonment, deportation and bankruptcy by jealously kissing a strange man in the presence of an INS agent sent to check out the validity of her marriage to Remington
1. Being shot in her loft after turning her back on a murderer with a gun who demanded
she give him the evidence

Remington's Top 12
Non-Verbal Declarations of Love
12. Rewriting his letter listing Laura's best qualities
11. Respecting Laura's wishes to hold off on the magical moment
10. Repeatedly rescuing Laura even though she greatly resents it
9. Staying on as Remington Steele even after Laura's "business only" decision
8. Following Laura to Acapulco to protect her in spite of the outstanding warrant
for his arrest as Richard Blaine
7. Actively going in search of his name and his past so he could offer them to Laura
as proof of his commitment
6. Going temporarily insane when faced with the thought of losing Laura following
his ultimatum from Immigration
5. Refusing to take advantage of a very vulnerable Laura the night after her house exploded
4. Telling Felicia that even though he was flattered by her affection, he was "previously committed" to Laura
3. Being more concerned that Laura believe he had not asked Millicent to spend the night and
less concerned about his broken leg, cracked ribs, and multiple contusions
2. Choosing Laura over Anna and his past
1. Choosing Laura and his life with her in LA over returning to his previous life with Daniel

Laura's Top 12
Non-verbal Declarations of Love
12. Allowing Remington to believe they were more than" just friends" when he suffered
from amnesia in Ireland
11. Promising Remington the illusive Christmas sled from his childhood
10. Accepting Remington's gift of a grand piano
9. Dragging Mildred along to Malta to act as a buffer because she didn't trust herself to abide by her own "business only" decision if alone with Remington on a tropical Mediterranean island
8. Fighting for Remington when a drowned lover from his past suddenly reappeared to haunt him
7. Having faith in Remington even when it appeared he had gambled away the Agency
in a poker game and then disappeared in to the misty night
6. Having a continuing Battle of the Wills with Daniel for "possession" of Remington
5. Tracing and following Remington to London when he vanished after she told him they needed "time apart"
4. Sending London's Scotland Yard down a blind alley so she could rescue Remington and help him escape
3. Insisting Daniel tell Remington the truth about being his father
2. Completely ignoring her current case and going temporarily insane after realizing Remington
was planning to marry Clarissa the Happy Hooker
1. Choosing to become Remington's wife in a questionable marriage rather than let him
be deported by Immigration

Top 18 Country Music Songs
That Describe Remington and Laura's Relationship
18. "Our Love is Like an Old Time Movie, But Somebody Stole the Last Reel"
17. "I Know You're a Thief Cause You Stole My Heart Away"
16. "I'm Taking My Chances with the Queen of Hearts"
15. "If You Don't Care Enough to Fight, You Just Don't Care Enough"
14. "I Gave Her My Heart on a Silver Chain, So How Come She Keeps Yanking Mine?"
13. "My Heart Knows the Words, But They Get Stuck in My Throat"
12. "How Can I Give Her My Name When I Don't Even Know What Is?"
11. "I Expected Less of You"
10. "Even When You're Happy-Ever-Aftering, Some Days Are Happier Than Others"
9. "We May Have Said 'Si' on a Tuna Boat, But That Don't Mean Our Love is Fishy"
8. "Even If I Lost My Mind, My Heart Would Remember You"
7. "If You Won't Give Me the Key to Your Heart, I Guess I'll Just Pick the Lock"
6. "When You Play in the Devil's Playground, There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay"
5. "I'd Rather Be with You at the Hotel Del Amor Than Spend Another Night in Jail"
4. "You Can Tap Dance on My Toes, But Please Don't Stomp on My Heart"
3. "She May Be Wearing My Bathrobe, But She Don't Mean Nothin' to Me"
2. "She's Nobody's Little Woman"
1. "The Only One Standing Between Us Is You"

Top 19 Ways
to Damage an Automobile
19. Drive it into a creek.
18. Crash it into a junkyard.
17. Crash it into another car in a parking garage.
16. Cut the brake line.
15. Drop it from a hydraulic lift in a body shop.
14. Crash it through a closed garage door in Tarzana.
13. Blow it up with a bomb.
12. Put bananas under the hood.
11. Put sugar in the gas tank.
10. Run it off the road while being chased by a 10 ton truck.
9. Ignore the owner when he insists,"Do yourself a favor. Let it warm up first."
8. Push it down a hill with a bulldozer.
7. Regear it so that FORWARD becomes REVERSE and then drive it over a cliff.
6. Blow out the tires by strewing nails on the road.
5. Hit a dead body with it.
4. Drive it through a herd of Irish sheep.
3. Smash the fender with a hammer.
2. Take it apart while searching for evidence.
1. Shoot out the windshield while kissing.


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