Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Division
 Steele in Tune

Laura Holt: "Dead men don't sing."
Remington Steele: "Thank God for that!"
"Springtime for Steele"
Because I love music and I love Remington Steele, it seemed only natural to find a way of combining the two. By taking existing tunes and writing my own RS lyrics to go with them, I came up with my own RS songs. (For those who might not know, fan written lyrics like this are called filks.) So the next time you're stuck in traffic or taking a hot shower or touring with the glee club, just whip out the following lyrics and enjoy yourself. If nothing else, it should convince everyone that you're not dead yet!

"Remington's Theme"

"Time Out for Romance"

"Laura's Theme"

"Steele Away"


"Steele Persuasion"

"Guess Love's Blind"

"A Name Worth Steeling"

"This Man with No Name"

Fool's Game

"Six Foot Two, Eyes Sky Blue"

"Steele Smitten"

"Committment of Steele"

"Steele Maze" (A Poem)

"Let's Steele Some Time for Romance"

"Here's to the Memories: The 1st Year"

"Here's to the Memories: The 2ndYear"

"Here's to the Memories: The 3rd Year"

"Here's to the Memories: The 4th Year"

"Here's to the Memories: The 5th Year"

"Here's to the Memories: The Brendan Years"

The characters of Remington Steele are used without permission.
All original lyrics copyrighted 1982-2008 by Debra Talley for entertainment purposes only.