Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Division
Steele Maze
Debra Talley
This poem, written in 1985, was inspired by a
frustrating walk through the Hampton Court Maze near London, England.
The dizzying experience reminded me of Laura and Remington's personal relationship.
The course of love's a tricky thing;
There are no one way signs.
Once we set foot on its path,
Our own way we must find.
No arrow points which way to go;
No short cuts can be found.
It's trial and error, sink or swim--
We find our way or drown.
We think we see the proper path;
We head in its direction.
But always its beyond our grasp,
A mocking cruel illusion.
At times the path we follow
Is a dead end and we're trapped;
We turn around, retrace our steps,
And choose a new way out.
We lower our defenses and
The way becomes quite clear;
But then we give in to our fears
And obstacles appear.
We argue and we disagree--
The path in circles goes;
We stumble onward in a daze
As more confused we grow.
Love's twists and turns are dizzying;
They baffle and bemuse.
It's time we work together
So the best path we can choose.
Let's set aside our doubt and fears
And find our way together.
By going forward, hand in hand,
Love's baffling maze we'll weather.

The characters of Remington Steele are used without permission.
All original lyrics copyrighted 1982-2008 by Debra Talley for entertainment purposes only.