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"Let's Steele Some Time for Romance"
by Debra Talley
Tune: "Let's Get Away from It All"
It's time we call it a day, Love;
(Laura loosens her bow, takes it off, and tosses it to Remington.)
It's time we both have some fun.
(Laura kicks her left shoe across the room; Remington catches it.)
Let's take a breather;
(She kicks off her other shoe; Remington catches it, also.)
Mix business with pleasure--
(She slinks over to Remington's desk, removes her barrettes and shakes her hair.)
Let's steele some time for romance.
(Laura lies provocatively across Remington's desk. She opens the two fans she was holding in her hand, and fans herself.)
We've got the place to ourselves, Love;
(Laura slides across his desk, dangles her legs over the edge. She hands Remington one of the fans. )
Let's be impulsive and wild.
(She crosses her legs and slowly removes a stocking.)
Passion and kisses
(She tosses her stocking around Remington's neck.)
Sound oh, so delicious;
(Laura removes her other stocking and drapes it around Remington's neck.)
Let's steele some time for romance.
(Laura tickles Remington teasingly under his chin.)
There's no one here but you and me;
(Laura loosens Remington's tie.)
The office doors are locked.
(Laura pulls Remington close by his tie and gives him a quick kiss.)
Let's make love all afternoon;
(Laura removes Remington's tie and flings it behind her.)
We'll pull out all the stops.
(Laura seductively unbuttons Remington's shirt.)
Now's not the time to be shy, Love;
(Laura begins running her fingers over his chest.)
Now's not the time for restraint.
(Laura unbuttons her blouse)
Let's fan the fire, Love,
(Laura tosses her blouse behind her.)
Of flaming desire, Love;
(Laura playfully sits on Remington's lap, placing one hand inside his shirt and messing his hair with the other.)
Let's steele some time for romance!
(Laura leans in close and assaults Remington with mad, passionate kisses.)

These lyrics can be found in my original fanfic "Nightmares of Steele."

Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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