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Top 30 Things to Do
While Staying at Ashford Castle

1. Exclaim "Wow!" as you drive across the Ashford Castle bridge and enter the grounds of the castle.

2. Stand at your bedroom window pinching yourself as you take in the view of the fountain and lake on the grounds beneath you.

3. Stand on the front steps at the main entrance to Ashford Castle and grin like a possum.

4. Go berserk in the Boutique buying official Ashford souvenirs.

5. Lie awake at night with a grin on your face as you listen to the soothing melodious sounds of the water splashing in the fountain beneath your window.

6. Take photos of the castle and the grounds from every conceivable angle.

7. Have someone take your picture in front of Ashford Castle, thereby proving you were really there.

8. Walk down to the pier and take a cruise on Lake Corrib in the freezing rain. Then snuggle up beside the space heater and listen as the captain entertains you with his stories about being an extra in the "The Quiet Man" and of meeting Pierce Brosnan at his Aug. 2001 wedding.

9. Constantly fondle your Ashford room key in an effort to convince yourself that you are not dreaming.

10. Become thoroughly confused trying to follow the maps to the various locations on the castle grounds.

11. Take a picture of your room as soon as you arrive, while everything is still spotless

12. Try to look inconspicuous as you wander through the entire castle searching for the marble staircase that was used in "Steeled with a Kiss." When you do not find it, try to think of a subtle way to ask the maids where that staircase might be.

13. Walk multiple blisters on your feet while unsuccessfully trying to find the location of the 'Glen Cree' fight scene from SWAK.

14. Wander through the entire first floor of the castle looking for the huge, gold-framed mirror that was used by HELLO! magazine for the photo shoot from Pierce Brosnan's wedding.

15. Enjoy every scrumptious bite of the most delicious breakfast buffet in all of Ireland.

16. Speculate about the location of the Presidential Suite/Honeymoon Suite as you wander through every hallway, stairway, crack and crevice in the castle. When you finally do find its probable location, stand in the corridor outside of it and sigh.

17. Play a game of Snooker in the room next to the Dungeon Bar.

18. After your combination shower/bubble bath in the over-sized, elegant tub, savor the regal plushiness of the complimentary white slippers and terry cloth robe, both of which are embellished with the official Ashford Castle crest.

19. Have your picture taken in front of the same fireplace that was used by HELLO! magazine for the photo shoot from THE wedding.

20. Follow in the footsteps of Remington and Mildred by strolling beside Lake Corrib in the late afternoon.

21. Look in vain for drain pipes that could be used for climbing down while making fast escapes from the bedrooms on the upper floors.

22. Assign TonytheRat the tiny, dark, musky room in the tower near the lake.

23. Feel like royalty while sipping complimentary bottles of Irish Sparkling water and Irish Still water from the wine glasses in the bathroom.

24. Consider eating a meal which costs 55 Euros in Ashford's elegant, award-winning dining room, but then decide you'd rather eat something you can pronounce (like lasagna with mushroom gravy served with boiled potatoes and other fresh vegetables) at Michilin's Restaurant in the nearby village of Cong.

25. Talk to total strangers about PB and his wedding bash.

26. Search high and low for Ashford Castle's Celebrity Photo Wall. When you find it, search each and every photo until you finally locate the one taken of PB posing in the kitchen with the kitchen staff during the filming of "Steeled with a Kiss".

27. Cozy up to the knight in the main entrance.

28. Sit a spell, sip a Coke, and listen to the Irish singer in the Dungeon Bar, where PB and his best man 'tipped a few' the night before THE wedding.

29. Search the entire basement of the castle in a vain effort to locate the dungeon where Remington 'roughed up' the furnace repairman.

30. Buy Ashford Castle postcards with the intention of mailing them to everyone you know, but then decide you'd rather *experience* Ashford instead of just writing folks about it.

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