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"Time Out for Romance"
Debra Talley
Tune: "Makin' Whoopee"
Originally printed in Our Favorite Things 7
Verse 1
Another case, another clue,
Another midnight rendezvous;
Some shrewd gum shoeing,
Some tender wooing--
Time out for romance!
Another crook, another fight,
Another huddle in quarters tight;
Some cautious sneaking,
Some cheek-to-cheeking--
Time out for romance!
     Mixing our work with pleasure;
     Rewriting all the rules.
     Learning to trust our instincts;
     Daring to follow through.
Another suspect, another steal,
Another evening of matchless thrills;
Some theorizing,
Some fantasizing--
Time out for romance!
Verse 2
Another scheme, another heist,
Another sweet romantic tryst;
A little sleuthing,
A little smooching--
Time out for romance!
Another crime, another chase,
Another thrilling moonlight embrace;
Some private eying,
Some wishful sighing--
Time out for romance!
     Mixing our work with pleasure;
     Learning to take a chance.
     Daring to seize each moment;
     Swaying to love's sweet dance.
Another mystery, another kiss;
Playing detective can be such bliss!
A lot of action,
A lot of passion--
Time out for romance!

Steele, Inc.-Atlanta Div.

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