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"A World Beyond Your Experience,
Beyond Your Imagination":
A Case for the Misunderstood Sci-Fi Classic


The following are the items I have collected relating to the movie Dune, directed by David Lynch. The collection is by no means definitive yet, but I am certainly trying!


Major Update! The DuneStuff site has recently acquired a significant collection of Dune memorabilia from the film's production illustrator, Ron Miller. From the inventory description, the items obtained are:


  • Third draft. Personal copy of RM. Dated 6/18/1982, includes 3 memos from Lynch urging secrecy. 
  • Fifth draft. Personal copy of RM. Dated August 27, 1982. Signed by DKL 
  • 137 Polaroid photos taken by the continuity photographer. These depict props, costumes, sets, scene set-ups and candid shots of actors. All of the principal actors appear. None of these have ever been reproduced anywhere. 
  • Eight large photos of pre-production paintings by RM (including worm attack, throne room, final battle, fist moon over dunes, Arrakeen battle, proposed opening shot, water storage chamber, ornithopter landing pad. 
  • Approx. 70 personal snapshots taken by RM during the production of the film. These depict artwork, locations, costumes, models, sets and props (under construction and finished), personnel (including candid shots of DKL, Tony Masters and others), etc. 
  • 140 35mm slides. Produced for publicity purposes and taken by professional photographer Dirck Halstead. Depicts all phases of the production, including scenes from the film as well as staged publicity shots. 
  • 33 8x10 color and B&W photographic prints. Many candid photos, shots taken during production and scenes taken during filming. Includes individual actors, costumes, props, sets and models. Many never published anywhere. 
Original artwork: 
  • Map of Arrakis. Four sheets, 8.5x11, hand-drawn in pencil by RM 
  • Study for opening shot of film, color painting by RM 
  • Pencil sketch of fighting knife (by Tony Masters?) 
  • Pencil sketch of fighting knife by Tony Masters 
  • Pencil sketch of Atreides dagger by RM 
  • Pencil sketch of sound gun by RM 
  • Pencil sketch of floating force field generator by Tony Masters 
  • Pencil sketch of Atreides ‘thopter by Tony Masters, with detail of ether bender dish, 14x17 inches 
  • Pencil three-view of Atreides pistol showing working parts 
  • Three sketches by DKL: design for slide for string tie (pencil), Fremen spears and smoke generators (pen), Fremen mask and sound weapon (pencil) 
  • Charcoal drawing of the Baron by George Jenson 
  • Charcoal drawing of Atreides ancestor by Mentor Heubner 
  • Art for decoration on film book (ink on translucent drafting paper) used as the master for silk screening the design 
  • Original color studies for Kaitain, painting by Tony Masters, 9.5x21 inches 
  • Original color painting of Kaitain by Tony Masters, 15x18 inches
  • Color painting showing seven ideas for embroidered Dune crew patch, by RM, 19x21 inches 

Blueprints (These are very large---some measuring as large as 3x4 feet---first-generation prints made during the production from the original draftsmen's drawings.): 
  • Throne room, 1/20 scale 
  • Third Stage Guild Navigator Box, 1/20 scale 
  • Underside of Bene Gesserit ship 
  • Drawing showing all Dune spacecraft to the same scale 
  • Harkonnen Ornithopter, Plan, Elevations, Sections, ½ inch to 1 foot 
  • Seitches and Composite Furnace Room, Stage Layout General Plan, 1/50 scale 
  • Int. Great Hall and Corridor Composite, 1/10 scale 
  • Paul's Room, Caladan, Plan and Elevations, 1/50 scale 
  • Paul's Room, Caladan, Paneling and Details of Window and Arch, 1/10 scale 
  • Int. Emperor's Tent, General Layout, Plan and Elevations, 1/50 scale 
  • Caladan Hallway, Plan and Elevations, 1/20th scale 
  • Int. Training Room, Caladan, Sections, 1/50 scale 
  • Int. Entrance, Composite Passages, Seitches and Composite Furnace Room, 1/50 scale 
  • Int. Stairway, Geidi Prime, Ceiling Miniature, 1/50 scale 
  • Int. Great Hall and Corridor, Floor Plan (including details of tiling), 1/50 scale 
  • Baron's Room, Harkonnen Ship, Plan and Elevations, 1/50 scale 
  • Geidi Prime, Shuttle miniature, Plan and Sections, 1/20 scale 
  • Atreides Spaceship, 1/200 scale (drawing measures 32x52 inches) 
  • Int. Hall of Rites, Plan and Elevations, 1/100 scale 
  • Emperor's Ship and Tent, Front Elevation, no scale (drawing measures approx. 32x24 inches) 
  • Int. Great Hall Arrakeen, Elevations and Sections, 1/50 scale 
  • Ext. Atreides Ornithopter, Plans and Elevations, 1/20 scale (drawing measures approx. 36x55 inches) 
  • Emperor's Space Ship, Plan, Front and Side Elevation, no scale, sheet approximately 30x48 inches 
  • Ext. Harkonnen Ornithopter, Plan, Elevations, Sections, ½ inch to 1 foot 
  • Caladan Castle Miniature, Elevations, 1/4 scale 

  • "Project 08" storyboard notes, dated 10 December 1982, based on the August 27, 1982 script, 27 pages. 
  • List of props: Photocopy of hand-written list annotated in red ink/blue pencil by the production illustrator. Two pages have rough sketches on the reverse side, one by DKL. 4 pages. 
  • Telephone and intercom extensions of Dune personnel, dated February 9, 1983 
  • Looseleaf binder of Dune memoranda. Includes: telephone and intercom numbers, list of unit personnel, list of sets and locations, Daily Orders (schedule of what is to be done each day of production; approximately 117 of these), cast lists, location scouting schedules, internal memos, etc. 
  • Large envelope of photos and clippings: Includes vol.1 no. 1 of the Dune Reader (by Paul Sammon), Dune Terminology sheet, Italian Dune post card, color Dune brochure issued for Italian premiere, sample of blue screen material, articles about Dune clipped from various US and foreign magazines. 
  • Large folder containing: Photocopies of pre-production sketches by Tony Masters, DKL and RM of props, sets and models. 
  • Large envelope containing originallarge format sheet negatives and type galleys used for film credits and film book graphics, negative mattes for planets, etc. along with timing and framing notes and schedules. 
  • Unit (personnel) list, 37 pages. 
  • Schedule of principal photography, approximately 22 pages. 
  • List of props (with columns indicating approval and stages of construction) 
  • Film test call sheet (schedule for pick-up at hotel, make-up, etc. for Sean young, Everett McGill, Richard Jordan and others) 
  • Dune Advance Production Notes, 12 pages. 


Dune movie tie-in paperback novel from Berkeley Press. Writen by Frank Herbert. Front cover artwork of two moons rising over the desert (Advance poster A). Back cover contains 6 color stills from the movie.

Film Script Draft 2. Written by David Lynch, dated May 29, 1982. Contains several scenes from the Frank Herbert novel that were deleted in subsequent drafts (7 drafts in all). Notably, the ending is more complete and very similar to that of the book.

The Making of Dune paperback book. Written by Ed Naha. A very good making-of book with many behind-the-scenes photos and anecdotes, as well as quite a bit of technical information. It has been written with a positive and enthusiastic tone, which falls in stark contrast to the negative critical reaction the film would actually receive upon release.

American Cinematographer magazine, December 1984. Includes two fascinating, in-depth articles on the photography and sound design of the movie. 


Dune: Official Collector’s Edition movie program. 64 pages. Many glossy stills from the film, as well as behind-the-scenes photos and production artwork. Text covers the story, the characters, the pre-production, filming, and special effects.

Japanese Dune movie program. 26 pages. Classy graphic layout, many color and black & white stills from the movie interspersed with text in Japanese. An attractive booklet.

David Lynch Triple Nightmare flyer from Japan promoting “The Very Best of David Lynch” film festival. Films screened were Dune, BlueVelvet, and Eraserhead. One double-sided page. Front page includes a color image of Isabella Rosellini in profile with her back to camera.

Dune Terminology flyer. Handed out to movie patrons during the film’s theatrical release. Reprints many terms from the novel’s glossary section over a background of the two-moons artwork. One double-sided page.

Movie Press Kit (original folder heavily damaged, but contents intact). This was given to critics upon release of the film. Unless otherwise noted, all packets are printed on Universal News Press Department letterhead. The press kit contains the following:

  • Cover letter to critics on MCA letterhead (1 page)
  • 12 pages of glossy black & white photos, including 18 stills from the movie and publicity shots of both David Lynch and Raffaella DeLaurentiis.
  • Press release on Berkeley Publishing Group letterhead concerning the movie tie-in paperback edition of the novel Dune (2 pages)
  • List of movie cast and credits (7 pages)
  • Movie Production Notes (26 pages)
  • David Lynch bio (13 pages)
  • Frank Herbert bio (3 pages)
  • Freddie Francis bio (6 pages)
  • Anthony Master bio (5 pages)
  • Raffaella DeLaurentiis bio (3 pages). There are notes scribbled in ink on the back page of this packet, possibly from the film critic who originally possessed the press kit. I purchased the press kit in Boston, but I can safely say that the notes are not the work of Boston Globe critic Jay Carr (who gave the film a 1-star rating in 1984) as they exhibit a knowledge of the source novel and have positive things to say about the faithfulness of the movie.
  • Francesca Annis bio (5 pages)
  • Brad Dourif bio (3 pages)
  • Jose Ferrer bio (5 pages)
  • Linda Hunt bio (6 pages)
  • Freddie Jones bio (4 pages)
  • Richard Jordan bio (4 pages)
  • Kyle MacLachlan bio (5 pages)
  • Virginia Madsen bio (4 pages)
  • Silvana Mangano bio (3 pages)
  • Everett McGill bio (5 pages)
  • Kenneth McMillan bio (4 pages)
  • Sian Phillips bio (5 pages)
  • Jurgen Prochnow bio (5 pages)
  • Paul Smith bio (5 pages)
  • Patrick Stewart bio (6 pages)
  • Sting bio (5 pages)
  • Dean Stockwell bio (5 pages)
  • Max Von Sydow bio (5 pages)
  • Alicia Roane Witt bio (3 pages)
  • Sean Young bio (3 pages)

Dune lobby card. 11” x 14” placard for display in movie theatre lobby. Has image from the two-moons poster art and a two-shot of Francesca Annis with Sian Phillips.

Dune video counter displays. Six cardboard cutouts representing characters from the film. Designed for display on the counter space at video rental stores. Images are: The Shadout Mapes, Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV, Reverend Mother, Baron Harkonnen, Feyd Rautha, and a side-by-side image of Paul & Chani. All displays are double-sided and reversible.

Making Dune publicity video. 2 minutes, 10 seconds. Very brief promotional short, probably designed as filler for an entertainment news program. Not long enough to provide anything of substance, but does showcase some tantalizing behind-the-scenes footage of Lynch directing the actors and some of the miniature sets being prepared for photography. This is a multi-generation videotape dub with poor picture quality.

Dune theatrical trailer. 35mm film print of theatrical trailer. Approximately 2 minutes long. Cinemascope anamorphic squeeze.

The 1985 Dune Calendar. Just like it sounds, a 12-month calendar illustrated with images from the movie.


Advance A (bought folded). Two moons rising over the desert

Advance B (currently framed). A montage of images from the film revolving around Paul, Chani, and Feyd. The text reads: “Its surface is barren. Its true strength hidden. Its foreboding desert conceals the power to fold space, to slow time, to send the mind where the body cannot go. It is the source of the ultimate power. It is the deadly battleground where a young leader will emerge to command an army of six million warriors against the tyrannical force that threatens to enslave the universe. It is the clash for the greatest prize of all… The planet called Dune.”

British foldout poster pamphlet. 2-sided with several stills from the movie as well as brief synopses of the story and the production.

Dune Official Poster Magazine Edition foldout poster magazine with 3 small posters, several stills from the movie, and quite a bit of publicity text related to the story and the production of the film.


Toys by LJN:

  • Paul Atreides action figure (complete with crysknife, weirding module & sound gun)
  • Stilgar action figure (complete with maker hook, tarpel pistol & grappling anchor)
  • Baron Harkonnen action figure (complete with suspensor belt)
  • Feyd Rautha action figure (complete with poison blade & cat-in-cage)
  • Beast Rabban action figure (complete with Sardaukar helmet and rifle)
  • Sardaukar Warrior action figure (with rifle, missing laser pistol)
  • Sandworm action figure
  • Spice Scout vehicle
  • Motorized mini-vehicles: Sand Roller, Sand Crawler, Sand Tracker
  • Fremen Tarpel Gun, with flashing lights and electronic noises that sound nothing at all like anything in the movie. 

Dune jigsaw puzzle. 551 pieces. Traditional poster art for the movie.

Dune: A Parker Brothers Adventure Game (still in the shrink-wrap). I could never build up the conviction, or the interest, to open up this board game and actually play it. It looks complicated and I’m not into this type of game. The summary on the back of the box reads: “Enter the world of DUNE. A world of power. Conflict. Intrigue. A place where mere survival becomes a complex struggle. With every move, you’re forced to employ skill and imagination in this multi-faceted adventure game. You will rely on strength and strategy to eliminate enemy characters. You will arm your warriors with incredible weapons and mysterious powers. You will gather coveted Spice with the aid of your Harvesters… all while guarding against the destructive sand storms and devouring sand worms that plague this desert planet. Can you meet Dune’s extraordinary challenges? Will you master its savage forces and emerge triumphantly as the planet’s sole ruler? Your fate is about to unfold. Prepare yourself to relive the legend… to fulfill the prophecy!”

Dune computer game. Produced by Virgin Games. An MS-DOS based game run from 5.25” floppy diskettes. Game-play is based on both the Frank Herbert novel and the David Lynch film. Box cover contains a color photo of Kyle MacLachlan dressed in Fremen stillsuit. The package also includes a foldout poster with the two-moons artwork. Under the movie title is written the tag line, “He Who Controls the Spice Controls the Universe”.


Comic Books:
  • Marvel Super Special #36: Dune. Complete comic adaptation of the film. Adaptation by Ralph Macchio (not the actor), art by Bill Sienkiewicz. The script adaptation is often awkward, deleting huge chunks of the movie and simplifying the rest. Rewritten portions of dialogue are clunky. However, there are a few scripted scenes that were deleted from the finished film which remain in the comic (such as the killing of the baby worm to make the Water of Life). The artwork is harsh, jagged, and cluttered, but the coloring and inking are strong and vibrant in this edition.
  • Dune Official Comics Adaptation parts 1 - 3. The above adaptation was also released in a 3-issue limited series. The coloring, inking, and printing are of much poorer quality in these copies. The cover artwork is also different.

The Dune Storybook hardcover book by Joan D. Vinge. A children’s storybook adaptation of the film script with many color still photos from the movie, including a few cut scenes. The language of the book has been simplified to a child’s level and the content of the movie has been significantly toned down, but several violent passages remain.


Dune Coloring Book. 44 pages of pictures to color. A few of the coloring scenes show a blatant disregard for the age of children who would be inclined to purchase this book. Example: “Duke Leto and Piter die.” (It is a picture of two dead bodies lying on the floor. Have fun coloring that, kids!).

Dune Activity Book. 60 pages of puzzles, mazes, games, coloring pictures, and even a recipe for No-Bake Spice Cookies (Cinnamon is the spice in question this time. The recipe begins, “Ask a grownup to melt the butter in a saucepan.”).

Dune Coloring and Activity Book. 48 pages of surreal fun. The answer to one of the puzzles is “They tried to take the life of my son”. The book was obviously not designed for children of all ages.

Dune Puzzles, Games, Mazes, Activities. 48 pages. The front cover displays a still photo of an unusual-looking Fremen in a crowd scene. This was not a still that I had seen magnified before.

Dune Cut-Out Activity Book. A very interesting children’s activity book with cut-out paper models of the following:

  • Preliminary design for Ornithopter
  • Preliminary design for Fremen sound gun
  • Desert backdrop with sand dunes, rock cliffs, and a sandworm army
  • Paul riding the giant sandworm
  • Emperor’s spaceship
  • Sardaukar Warrior mask
  • 15 character cut-outs

Dune Pop-Up Panorama Book. A Children’s pop-up book with 4 scenes from the movie, 10 cut-out characters, and 4 cut-out spaceships. The scenes are:
  • “Farewell to Caladan”. Spaceships in front of the royal palace on Caladan.
  • “Baron Harkonnen’s Plot”. A Geidi-Prime scene with the Baron, Feyd, & Rabban.
  • “The Great Battle”. Sandworms and Fremen warriors in the desert.
  • “Peace at Last”. Final scene in the Arrakeen palace.

Fleer trading cards and stickers. Complete set of 132 cards and 44 stickers.

Fleer trading card display box.

Dune View-Master reels. 3 reels of 3-D pictures (21 in all).

Panini sticker album. 32 pages with spaces for 180 stickers. Available primarily in England and Canada. Includes black & white illustrations of characters from the film and intelligently written captions for most of the stickers. The language of the scene summaries simplifies the narrative of the film, but does so at an adult level. Example: “Crucial events that will have an historical and political effect on the Universe are about to take place at the Emperor’s palace.”

Panini stickers. Set of 5. Included are:

  • #11.  The Emperor Shaddam IV
  • #86.  Paul in Fremen stillsuit
  • #92.  Chani
  • #112. Jessica’s Water of Life ceremony
  • #170. The final gathering for Paul’s “word of God” speech.


Dune belt buckle. A silver buckle with the design of three Guild spaceships flying between two planets or moons.

Dune pencil cases. 3 soft acrylic zippered pencil cases. Cases are red, blue, and purple. Each displays 2-3 stills from the film or the poster art.

Dune lunchbox and thermos. Light blue plastic lunchbox with artwork depicting the Paul/Feyd knife fight in the Arakeen palace. The thermos features an artwork montage of character faces.

Dune book cover. Montage artwork from Advance B poster printed on a schoolbook cover.

Dune T-shirt. A white shirt with the standard poster art imprinted on the front. This is an Unofficial customized item.

Dune party favors:
  • Paper plates. 7-inch and 9-inch (8 of each). Montage artwork of Sardaukar warriors, two moons, Atreides spaceship, and a worm rising out of the sand.
  • Paper napkins (16). Identical artwork to the above.
  • Party Blowers (4).  Printed with “D U N E” along the length.

Dune film cels. A set of 48 individual film frame trimmings, suitable for mounting and preparing slides. Each image is letterboxed within the 35mm frame.

Dune bed sheets. A set of one pillow case and two unfitted sheets for a twin size bed. Sheets are light blue in color with the Dune logo, characters, and vehicle artwork printed on them. Quite unattractive, frankly.

That’s it so far for my collection, however I am desperately seeking the following:

Dune DVDs from other regions
PAL laserdisc editions
Sardaukar action figure complete with laser pistol and rifle
The remaining Panini stickers
Dune Part 1: Battle for the Known Universe storybook 33 1/3 LP record and cassette
Dune Part 2: Attack of the Giant Sandworms storybook cassette tape
Belgian 3-D Dune sticker packages
Dune lobby cards
Sardaukar Laser Gun toy
Revell Dune model kits
Dune buttons
Any other unique or obscure item which has not yet been brought to my attention


Contains a listing of Dune merchandise, including photos of many itmes described on this page plus many others.

A Dune merchandise collector's site.

A great resource about the production history of the movie. Includes an archive of on-set photos and production artwork. The site also contains a page devoted to bloopers and continuity errors in the film.

Publicity interview conducted with David Lynch on December 6, 1984.

An examination of Chilean surrealist filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky's failed attempt to mount his own movie adaptation of Dune starring Salvador Dali, with production design by H.R. Giger and costumes by Jean "Moebius" Giraud. The site is graphic-intensive and slow to load.

Fascinating details about a failed video game prototype based on the movie.

A very funny political parody and spoof of the Dune movie trailer.

A few minutes of Super 8 behind-the-scenes footage, with narration by actress Young. 

A behind-the-scenes production diary from the set of Dune.

"A World Beyond Your Experience,
Beyond Your Imagination":
A Case for the Misunderstood Sci-Fi Classic

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