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Purebred Rescue: Great dogs for great families


Hello, and at least a hundred thousand tailwags to you.   Welcome to Purebred Rescue's website.  We're still changing and evolving into a new form of dog rescue, so it's possible our structure may change with time and as needs dictate, but we'll try to make any alterations as painless for our callers as we possibly can; if you do find anything inconsistent, confusing, or just plain wrong, we'd appreciate your dropping us a line to let us know about it.

You'll find two versions of the same data available here.  One is a simple, text-only version that will appeal to callers with older, slower computers and those who simply don't want to take the time to wait for all the "bells and whistles" we've put in the graphical version to load and display.   The other is our fancy version with colors, moving stuff, and lots of pictures and illustrations (the Webmaster is addicted to animated graphics and flashing lights, so there are plenty of those.)   Just click on the one that appeals to you from the choices below.



We'll keep you posted on developments as they happen both here on the Website and on the Purebred Rescue Voice Information Service at (404) 843-3751.  Purebred Rescue's general e-mail address will continue to be annwilson@mindspring.com, and our fax line is (404) 531-9413.  To leave a message, click on the underlined e-mail addresses or buttons and fire away.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

If you want to search the Net to find other animal-related sites, we've got a little something here that will help you out - NOAH, the search engine designed specifically to help you locate just what you need.  Please remember to check out and bookmark this site before you go there, though.  Here's the link to NOAH: