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Three generations of Bancroft curlies: *Pirate (2000), Pirate's son *Skipper (2004), and Skipper's babies Sparrow (2009) and *Kyra (2010).


Bancroft Curlies has been breeding North American Curly horses since 1990. I started crossing Curly horses/ponies and minis in 1993. I have continued to cross curly stock back onto registered miniatures. My goal is to breed B size miniature curlies (34 inches to 38 inches) with good horse-like conformation, driving talent, and the wonderful curly disposition.

I have two lines of curlies:

  • The "Twist" line descends from *Ebony's Twister, a black Damele-line curly stallion that I used for 4 years. Ebony's Twister was exported to France. I have 4 descendants of Ebony's Twister (all have "Twist" in their names).

  • The second line descends from *BNC Hobo, a Canadian-bred curly stallion. Hobo's son, *The Pirate EB, was our first curly-coated male, after 7 years of crossing curlies and minis. Pirate went on to sire two curly colts for me, *Bucky and *Skipper. Pirate is now in the Netherlands, Bucky is in France, and Skipper is in B.C. Canada. I have one daughter of Skipper (Kyra, pictured above as a baby).

My current herd stallion, *Twisted Expression, is 39" tall (measured as a mini). He was trained to drive in 2009 and was shown at the Monroe, WA, pony/mini show as a National Show Pony (he is registered NSPR [now NSPPR]). Twister's driving page is here. Show photos are here.

Mocha and her 2010 curly filly, *Skipper's Cocoa Express EB

Photos of all Bancroft Curlies foals are here (earlier years) and here (newest). Pictures of all the stallions I have used are here.

A short article on curly coat genetics is here. For more general information on Curly horses, go to the International Curly Horse Organization.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click on the FAQs button at left. Please read the FAQs page before you email me with questions about my horses.

I am registering all my foals with the International Curly Horse Organization (ICHO), a registry and breed association dedicated to the promotion and protection of all curly-coated horses. Most are also either registered or eligible for the National Sport Performance Pony Registry (formerly NSPR; part of ASPC/AMHR). Please visit the ICHO website for the best, most truthful information on North American Curly horses on the Web.

Bancroft Miniature Curlies is located in western Washington State about 20 miles east of Seattle.

Contact information:
tel. 425-788-9852 (evenings before 9 Pacific Time and weekends)

or email:  ebancroft@mindspring.com

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