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Babies born at Bancroft Curlies in the 1990s
(lots of pictures, please be patient!)
Note: Some names are linked to photos on other pages. For pictures of the fathers of these foals see the Sires Page.


          Flicka (2001 photo), daughter of *Lassy (aka Blondie) and Budget. 1/2 mini.

          Indigo Blue (1999 photo), son of *Cinnamon Twist (see 1995 below) and Budget. 3/4ths mini.


            *Caramel Twist EB daughter of Echo (mini) and *Ebony's Twister. 1/2 mini.

          *Cocoa Twist (2000 photo), daughter of *WVR's Snooks Koko Gal (large Curly pony) and *Ebony's Twister (Curly horse).

          Comet (1998 photo), son of Molly (mini) and *Ebony's Twister. 1/2 mini.

          Khemo's Two of Diamonds (1998 photo), AMHR mini mare, daughter of Winsome's Mrs. Doubtfire and NFC's Khemosabi. 100% mini.


         *Cinnamon Twist EB (1995 photo), daughter of Honey Bunch (mini) and *Ebony's Twister. Now in Canada. 1/2 mini.

           Hot Rod (1995 photo), daughter of Molly (mini) and *Ebony's Twister. 1/2 mini.


       Gypsy (1996 photo), the prettiest pony ever born at Bancroft Curlies, daughter of Blondie the First (Shetland) and *Ebony's Topper (Curly horse).

        Bonnie's Star (2001 photo), daughter of Patches (pony) and *Ebony's Topper. Now at Woodland Park Zoo Pony Barn in Seattle.


          Scout (1993 photo), aka Sweet Charity, daughter of Auddi Girl (3/4 Arab) and *JC's Jubilee (Curly horse).


                    Tiger (*Midsummr Nite's Dream) (1991 and 2000 photos), son of Auddi Girl (3/4 Arab) and *WVR's Gold Nugget (Curly horse).

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