*The Pirate EB



Bay pinto curly pony stallion foaled at Bancroft Miniature Curlies in 2000. Pirate has one blue eye and one brown eye.
Registered ICHO/NACHR, ABC-HB, and National Show Pony. About 46".
Pirate bred two mini mares in 2002 and had two curly pinto foals, *Bucky and *Charm. He bred one mini mare in 2003, and had a curly pinto colt we named *Skipper in 2004. Pirate now lives in the Netherlands at Jacardi Miniatuur Curlies.

Pirate enjoying the snow in Quebec, March 2007  


2003          2002 


                               Sire: *BNC Hobo (ABCR) (14.1HH)            Dam: Coffey Grounds Red Echo (AMHR) (36")

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