Bad Medicine
First in the New Charlie Spotted Moon Series

Moon find a cure for the common kill ...


Ogilvie, Tallant & Moon
First hard cover edition.


False Notes
Second in the New Charlie Spotted Moon Series

The curtian rises, a body falls ...


Music When Sweet Voices Die
Hard cover edition.

Poison Fruit
Third in the New Charlie Spotted Moon Series

Five pretty girls lied -- now someone will die ...


Cat's Claw
Fourth in the New Charlie Spotted Moon Series

When murder is a game of cat and mouse, it's dead serious ...



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Flying Scotsman

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CHARLIE SPOTTED MOON -- ATTORNEY-AT-LAW ... He's tough, lean American Indian with a degree in law and a special gift for  detection.  His San Francisco law firm is a far cry from the Ojibwa reservation of his childhood, but Charlie lives in both worlds.  And when the law fails, he takes a surer path to justice -- following the shaman's way to uncover the dark crimes of the heart ...

BAD MEDICINE (paperback title) OGILVIE, TALLANT & MOON (hardcover title)

DOCTOR DEATH ... A child's death hits everyone hard, and Sparky Weed's parents blamed his physician, the beautiful Dr. Miranda Trobridge.  From the start, attorney Charlie Moon sensed something sinister behind the malpractice case against her.  A second untimely death told him it was murder.  And without a trace of evidence, Charlie must conjure up a bit of Indian magic to get a second opinion ... from the dead themselves!


FALSE NOTES (paperback title) MUSIC WHEN SWEET VOICES DIE (hardcover title)

Exit -- the famous French tenor, dead on the stage during a performance at the San Francisco Opera House.  Enter -- Charlie Moon, called in to determine who in the international company *most* hated the dead singer.  The suspects can make up alibis in several languages, but Charlie knows that among the false notes he'll hear the ring of truth ... and murder.

POISON FRUIT (only title)

ECLIPSE OF THE MOON ... Five teenage girls have stirred up trouble, and have put the reputation -- and the life -- of their school teacher on the line with some shocking accusations.  Attorney Charlie Moon believes in Frank Girouard's innocence and hopes that defending the teacher is a first step in fighting the wave of crime and scandal that has swept the city.  But when the body of a female student turns up and all fingers point to his client, Charlie must call upon the powers of a risky shaman ritual to uncover the chilling truth ...

CAT'S CLAW (only title)

A DEADLY CALLING CARD ... What kind of man leaves women's corpses on the doorsteps of San Francisco's rich and famous?  Certainly not Jared Eden:  handsome, friendly and charged on flimsy evidence with murder.  Attorney Charlie Moon can easily win Jared's case, but will he save a scapegoat or set free a madman?  Justice is blind, so Moon will use Indian magic to reveal the truth -- if he dares to risk his career on a shaman vision as intangible as smoke, and as chilling as murder itself ...