OLIVIA (from the Saint Germain Series)

A Flame in Byzantium
First in the Atta Olivia Clemens Series

At last, after an absence of seven years, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro returns to the series that won her a legion of fans!  Yarbro's historical horror novels revolving around the seductive vampire known as Sain' Germain are the most powerful in the genre; her vision of the vampire as tormented immortal is in a class by itself.


Crusader's Torch
Second in the Atta Olivia Clemens Series

The second of Yarbro's novels about Olivia, the Roman woman who became the Count Sanct' Germain's truest love.

War is flaming all around the Mediterranean basin:  battle rages on the island of Crete and Cyprus.  Saladin sits in Jerusealem, threatening Antioch and Tyre alike.  Richard Coeur de Lion rules in England and France, and the Pope talks of preaching a new Crusade.


A Candle for d'Artagnan
... third in the Atta Olivia Clemens Series

The triumphant conclusion to Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's cycle of historical horror novels about the beautiful vampire Olivia Atta Clemens - lover of the Count Sant' Germain and cursed, like him, to wander through the ages, hiding her past, hungry for love and blood ...



Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's previous vampire novels include Blood Games, Hotel Transylvania, The Palace, The Path of the Eclipse and Tempting Fate.  She is also the author of the bestselling occult "Michael" books, as well as many thrillers and science fiction novels.  Her most recent precious novel was Firecode.  Yarbro makes her home in Berkeley, California where she is presently engaged in teaching her two-year-old horse, Magick, to behave.


It is the year 1189 A.D. Atta Olivia Clemens has been living in the city of Tyre for some time, but she dare not remain to face an occupation by Saladin's Islamic forces.  Olivia has determined to return to the city of her birth ... and her death:  Rome, the Eternal.  Sending her servant Niklos ahead to arrange for a suitable villa, she plans to close her house in Tyre, dispose of the goods she cannot transport, and then join him by fast ship.  But nothing goes as planned, and Olivia is forced to make her way accompanied only by young Valence Rainaut, a Knight Hospitaler who, much against his will, has fallen in love with her.

All routes around and through the Middle Sea are fraught with danger to any traveller, and Olivia has special reasons to fear capture by the pirates and bandits and renegade Christian knights who flock to wars and rumors of wars; these two must make their desperate way, by sea and land, through a world torn by violence.



With A Flame in Byzantium, the first of three planned novels, Yarbaro turns to the story of Olivia:  Atta Olivia Clemens, Sain' Germain's truest love, who died to mortal life in the bloody era of Nero's Rome.  Now, five hundred years later, Olivia must flee the security of her Roman villa; for the armies of the Emperor Justinian, led by the noble General Belisarious, are advancing on the ancient capital to free it from occupation by the Ostrogoths.  Justinian, from his seat of Empire in Constantinople, is determined to retake all of Italy ... as long as the price is not too high.

Olivia, to save what she can of her heritage, places herself under the General's protection.  With her servant Niklos and the handsome soldier Drosos, she undertakes the painful voyage to the City of the Golden Horn:  Byzantium, Constantinople, where she is plunged almost immediately into the tortuous political intrigue of that time.  For Constantinople is a city that claims to be Roman while embracing the ways of the Orient; a city where the tenets of Christianity are being hammered out by Imperial fiat, by philosophy, and by force of arms.  And worst of all for Atta Olivia Clemens, a city where women have lost all their traditional Roman rights.  For Olivia has very special needs if she is to survive.


The third book in a far-flung saga that began in Nero's Rome, continued on through Constantinople, and the war-torn Mediterranean in the time of Richard the Lionhearted, and now sweeps us into the 17th century to the French court of Louis XIII and his heir, the fabled Sun King.

It is the year 1637, and Olivia Atta Clemens seeks nothing but peace -- a peace that is shattered when Papal politics drive her north from Rome to France, and into a web of intrigue spun by the Cardinal Richelieu in his last desperate bid for power.  There she will meet a young guardsman who is destined to become one of the greatest heroes of all time.  His name is d'Artagnan -- and his destiny and Olivia's are about to collide head on ...

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has researched the real historical personages behind d'Artagnan and the Three Muskateers -- popularized by the glorious swashbuckling novels of Alexandre Dumas -- creating a spectacular conclusion to the epic story of a female vampire searching for the fulfillment that has eluded her for 1,500 years.