Blood Roses
A Novel of Saint-Germain

"Yarbro re-creates in lavish detail one of history's darkest and least understood periods.  (A) well-researched, sumptuously written tale of honor and compassion in the midst of death and superstition." -- Library Journal


A Baroque Fable

"Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's A BAROQUE FABLE is not only a wry and charming novel, it's also the first book I know o that manages to be half fairy tale and half musical comedy.  Watch out for singing trolls!"  --  Craig Shaw Gardner author of A Malady of Magicks


Darker Jewels
A Novel of the Count Saint-Germain

"Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's immortal vampire, the Comte de Saint-Germain, is one of the most popular characters of his kind ever created."  -- Publishers Weekly has called him a "veritable Prince Charming of the darker arts."


Bad Medicine (aka Ogilvie, Tallant & Moon)
Charlie Spotted Moon Series

"Particularly well-realized characters ... (an) unconventional murder mystery."
 -- San Francisco Chronicle

Writ in Blood
A Novel of Saint-Germain

"A page-turner.  Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's research continues to be a great asset, and she tells a long story at a fast and thrilling pace."  -- The Washington Post


From Taji's Syndrome

"Beguiling plots and living characters ... Quinn has great gifts!" -- James Tiptree, Jr.

"One of the most respected of the horror writers." -- Peter Straub

Advance Praise for The Palace

"The Palace is Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's best book so far.  The character of her fampire hero is the most original I have seen for along time.  The Florence of Lorenzo the Magnificent is beautifully realized as are the characters of Lorenzo and his circle.  The tragic decline of Florence from humanitarian democracy to Savonarola's vicious authoritarian theocracy contains a moral lesson for us all -- that freedom is maintained only by the exercise of considerable tolerance and self-discipline.  The book is a remarkable combination of historical accuracy, exciting plot and believable characters dominated by Ragoczy himself -- a demon-lover anyone would welcome with open veins!" -- Michael Moorcock

Darker Jewels
A Novel of the Count Saint-Germain

"In her rich and complex tale of the further wanderings of the immortal vampire known as Ferene Rakoczy, Hrabia (Count) Saint-Germain, Yarbro brings to vivid life the dark and bloody 16th-century court of Ivan IV, or more commonly, Ivan the Terrible ... Underlying this absorbing and historically accurate work is a deep melancholy, reflecting both the immortal vampire's lost past and the tortured workings of the Russian soul."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Darker Jewels is a facsinating addition to the canon.  Set in the Russian empire of the 1580s, it tells of Saint-Germain's journey into that mysterious land and of his sojourn there as a representative of Istvan Bathory, King of Poland.  It is a story of history, intrigue, politics, religion, love, and violence, blended with the expert touch Yarbro's fans have come to expect ... Yarbro has told her complex tale in rich beautiful language, and in the telling stitched historic fact and fantasy so neatly together that the seams are impossible to detect."
-- West Coast Review of Books

"Anyone who has read one book in this wonderful series will want to read them all."
-- David Morrell, author of First Blood

A Flame in Byzantium

"A skillful blend of history and fiction, A Flame in Byzantium is a romantic tale of intrigue, given added spice by the fact that it's heroine happens to be a 500-year-old vampire ... an excellent historical about a strong and sympathetic woman.  Highly recommended. -- Library Journal

"Yarbro's romantic, colorful cycle of historical novels focuses this time on Olivia, the Roman lady who becomes the lover of the vampire Count Sant' Germain ... A Flame in Byzantium has real cumulative power as a portrait of an intelligent, cosmopolitan woman caught in a paranoid web of politics and religious persecution." -- Publishers Weekly

"Compulsive reading." -- Kirkus

(From Crusader's Torch)

"Yarbro's vampires are benign, rational, civilized beings more worth of the term "humanity" than many of the mortals they encounter ... a backward looking version of the The Handmaid's Tale set in a dystopia that once was all too real." -- Locus


Writ In Blood
A Novel of Saint-Germain

"A page-turner.  Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's research continues to be a great asset, and she tells a long story at a fast and thrilling pace." -- The Washington Post

"Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Saint-Germain novels are probably the best series of vampire novels ever written."  -- The Hartford Courant

"Yarbro's creation, Count Saint-Germain, has evolved into quite an intriguing character as her novles have followed his adventures through the centuries.  He's far more introspective and ehtical than Anne Rice's more famous and flamboyant vampire, Lestat." 
-- Amarillo Globe-News