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According to my mom I’ve drawn horses since I could hold a pencil. I would trace them and draw them on anything that a pen, pencil, crayon or brush could make a mark on

The artists who most influenced my life and style are Sam Savitt (1916-2000) and the drawings of C.W. Anderson in his illustrated books.  Sam was a stickler about anatomy and I was fascinated by the soft tonal values in C.W. Anderson's graphite drawings.  Sadly, both artists are now deceased.  However, I was very lucky in 1998 to be able to attend a one-week workshop with Sam Savitt in Ocala, Florida at the Appleton Museum of Art.  In that workshop I learned skills and techniques that I still apply today.  I was very happy to finally meet, speak to and learn from the artist I had tried to emulate since my childhood.

I always took whatever art classes were offered to me in junior high and high school. The high school class was interesting because at first my art teacher told me about half way through the first semester that I should, perhaps, change electives! But I stuck it out anyway and by the end of my first year (there were only three years in high school back then) she was asking me to enroll in the advanced art class.

I learned a lot in those classes, but not as much as I learned when I was accepted as a Fellowship Student at the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, Florida.  As a Fellow I was required to be available for work (up to 32 hours per week), but in exchange I received free classes in any of the departments of which there are three (Painting/Drawing, Photography, Ceramics/Sculpture).

However, like all good things, they must come to an end.  It was a personal choice and I felt it was time to move on and do some work on my own. The results of those years at Crealde can be seen in my Life Drawings. The pages began as a showing of my most recent work only but as I began digging up old drawings and paintings (finished and unfinished) it began to turn into more of a retrospective; past through present.

As I work towards my Bachelors and a second AA in Graphic Design I will post most of my assignments on my site.  An excellent example is shown on my homepage of an assignment for a Drawing II class with Dennis Schmalstig at Valencia Community College ("Welcome To My Microcosm").

I am also very happy that the worlds of art and graphics are coming together and I can combine my talent with art with my skill on computers.  At this time I am lucky to have a paying full-time job where I can use both of these.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please email me if you have any questions (or answers :-)




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