All of the images in this exhibit have been gathered in or around Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Nepal is best known to many for its Himalayan mountain treks, sacred rivers,
verdant terraces, intricately carved temples, magical pagodas and as the birthplace of Buddha.
Yet such a rich cultural heritage articulates only one aspect of the country.
"Kathmandu: Impressions of the City at its Margins", uncovers another which is quite different.

After visiting with poet Banira Giri in Kathmandu, I decided to move the treatment
of the project out of journalistic inquiry, and make a more personal statement by applying
digital composition and tonal alterations to each image. In this way, I felt that I could better
conjure the mood of her epic poem, "Kathmandu".

The images in this exhibit, therefore, reflect my strong perceptual views of the prejudice,
stigma, poverty, disease and exploitation which were the starting points for the project, and which
continue to affect those who live silently and all too often invisibly in the shadows of the great Himalaya.

My intent has been to focus on the essential humanities and strengths that are preserved
even within such landscapes. Whether he is homeless, in need of medical care, whether she is indentured,
or returned from the sex trades of Mumbai and New Delhi, they survive and advance - neither as victims
or heroes - but through their persistence, courage and belief in their own abilities
to cultivate a climate for change.

I would like to thank two other photographers who provided source images for two composits in this series.
Alise Garner for her work on "Sweepers" and Surendra Pandey for his work on "Circle".

• • • •

My many thanks to:

Alise Garner for her invaluable assistance, patience and vision
Stephen Mikesell and Jamuna Shresta for their insights and encouragement
Surendra Pandey without whom this project would never have been realized
Banira Giri for her critique and lyricism
Miria Toveg and Jala Pradhan for bringing me to this new place
Krishna Pradhan for his translations
Katherine Wiemelt and Francis Kohler for keeping things alive at home

And to:

Minuh Singh, Kaji Shresta, and Women Acting Together for Change (W.A.T.C.H.),
Ritu Shresta,, Ritika Shresta, Bijoy Singh, Child Workers of Nepal,
Purna Chova Chitrikar, Marco Berger, Jael Troveg Berger, Rjeeb Pradhan, Naomi O'Keefe, David Baal, Dewey Reid,
Matt Shore, Irving Herman, Marilyn Herman,Mitchell Herman , Scott Herman, Winifred Montgomery,
Sally Maharg, Siri Margerine, Caterine Margerine, Dan Foot, Mr. And Mrs. Brown, Rupert Jenkins,
Linda Wilson, Susan Fan Brown, Lidia Przyluska, Chandra and family, Gail Silva, Julie Macaman

And my deepest thanks to:

The people of the Kathmandu Valley

• • • •

Kathmandu: Impressions of the City at its Margins was funded in part by
The San Francisco Film Arts Foundation and The Western States Regional Media Arts Fellowships

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