4. Andrew Jackson Glenn Photo was born on 24 Feb 1833 in Hardin County, Tennessee.(26) He appeared on the census on 14 Jul 1860 in P. O. Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas.(27) He died on 27 May 1867 in Waters Park, Travis County, Texas.(26) He was buried in Merrilltown Cemetery, Travis County, Texas.

Andrew J. Glenn lived in Arkansas until about 1858, when he moved to Texas with his sister Elizabeth Caroline Glenn Nelson, and her husband, Alfred Glenn (brother of Nancy). He first settled in Gonzales County, Texas, but moved to Brushy Creek near Pond Springs. No record is found of service in the Civil War. He was reputed to have been a Texas Ranger.

There are two variations on the story of his death. One is that he was killed by lightning while riding his horse; the other that he was killed by a limb when his horse ran under a tree, and died of exposure during the night. Others say he died instantly.

Further information on descendants of Andrew Glenn can be found by contacting:

"Glena Herrnington" <glenaher@flash.net>

He was married to Nancy Nelson (daughter of Alfred Nelson and Nancy Gill) on 20 Jan 1853 in Marion County, Arkansas. (26) Nancy Nelson Photo was born on 25 Aug 1835 in Orange County, North Carolina.(26) She appeared on the census on 20 Jun 1870 in Prairie Township, Searcy County, Arkansas.(28) She appeared on the census on 2 Jun 1880 in Polling Place No. 11, Travis County, Texas. (29) She appeared on the census on 14 Jun 1900 in Precinct #4, McNeal, Travis County, Texas. (30) She appeared on the census on 23 Apr 1910 in Bull Creek, JP #3, Travis County, Texas.(31) She died on 23 Jan 1915 in Austin, Travis County, Texas.(32) (26) She was buried on 25 Jan 1915 in Merrilltown Cemetery, Travis County, Texas.

Upon Andrew's death, his wife Nancy decided to return to Arkansas. Laura Beard Parrish relates the story of what happened after:

"GG grandfather's people lived in Arkansas. They sent a friend of theirs in a covered wagon and a yoke of oxen to bring Nancy and her children to live with them. It was winter, snow on the ground. They traveled so slow the children walked and played part of the time behind the wagon.

At night they made camp, cooked over the open fire. GG grandmother and the 2 youngest children slept in the wagon. The others slept under the wagon and under trees. The oldest boy in his teens rode his horse part of the time; the rest of the time he tied it to the back of the wagon. They hunted along the way for fresh meat.

It took weeks and weeks to make this trip. Each week they would stop for a day by a creek or river, and the family washing was done, and everybody helped. Some got the wood, others carried the water. At last they arrived at their destination, tired but so glad to be there and get settled.

GG grandfather Glenn's grandmother lived with his parents in Arkansas. She was real old and a very large woman. The night that GG Grandmother and her children arrived in Arkansas, GG Grandfather's grandmother was sitting in a rocking chair in front of the fireplace. She died sitting there. Caused her heart to fail. This was told to me (Laura) by my mother."

According to other records of Laura's, they left for Arkansas, December 2, 1868, and got there January 1, 1869. (They were on the 1870 Census, June 2, 1870, near Jacob and Nancy Glenn in Prairie Township, P.O. Marshall Prairie, Searcy County, Arkansas.) According to Laura, they left Arkansas on April 3, 1871, and got to Austin, June 4, 1871. Nancy married Silas Jones on August 17, 1871, in Travis County. He was a part-time preacher.

Nancy lived with Silas on Bull Creek until his death in 1909, and with her son Bee Glenn until her death. She filed a widow's pension for Silas's civil war service on November 1, 1909. She is buried next to Andrew Glenn at Merrilltown Cemetery.

Andrew Jackson Glenn and Nancy Nelson had the following children:

child+38 i. John Paisley Glenn.
child+39 ii. James Alfred Glenn.
child40 iii. Jacob Leonce Glenn was born on 10 Apr 1860 in Gonzales County, Texas. (26) He died on 27 Oct 1860 in Gonzales County, Texas.(26) He was buried in Pond Springs Cemetery, Williamson County, Texas.
child+41 iv. Mary Jane Glenn.
child42 v. Franklin Leander Glenn was born on 1 Feb 1865 in Travis County, Texas. (26) He died on 4 Jul 1877 in Merrilltown, Travis County, Texas.(26) He was buried in Merrilltown Cemetery, Travis County, Texas.
child+43 vi. Andrew Basil "Bee" Glenn.