3. George Arnold Glenn Photo was born in Feb 1831 in Hardin County, Tennessee. He appeared on the census on 12 Jun 1860 in P. O. Rolling Prairie, Prairie Township, Marion County, Arkansas. (16) He appeared on the census on 26 Aug 1870 in P. O. Mount Pleasant, Prairie Township, Boone County, Arkansas.(17) He bought Land Patent 120.00 Acres on 20 Mar 1877 in Marion County, Arkansas. (18) He appeared on the census on 23 Jun 1880 in Prairie Township, Marion County, Arkansas.(19) He bought Land Patent 40 Acres on 26 Sep 1890 in Marion County, Arkansas. (20) He appeared on the census on 9 Jun 1900 in Prairie Township, Marion County, Arkansas.(21) He appeared on the census on 27 Apr 1910 in Prairie Township, Marion County, Arkansas.(22) He died on 3 Jul 1914 in Eros, Marion County, Arkansas.(23) He was buried in Crawford Cemetery, Eros, Arkansas.


This biography was written by Mrs. Wanda Conley of California <CCONLEY@bak.rr.com>, a George Glenn descendant:

George A. Glenn, son of Jacob and Mary (Ryals) Glenn, was born in Feb. 1830, Hardin Co., Tennessee, and is our direct he. As a child he came with his parents to Arkansas. The family first lived in Marion County, Ark., but later moved to Searcy Co., where Jacob Glenn received a land grant. It was here that George A. Glenn grew up in the small community located on upper Clear Creek, just north of Pindall, Ark. This community soon became known as "Glenco" named for the Glenn family. Nearby neighbors were the Hemohills, Roses, Duggers, Meads etc. In his late teens and early twenties, before his marriage, George A. p Glenn would drive horses to Texas for sale.

He first married Nancy H. Turney, daughter of Jacob and Amanda (Timmons) Turney, on 2 June 1853, Searcy Co.,. Ark. They were the parents of nine children. George and Nancy settled in the small town of Eros, Marion Co., Ark. and raised their family. George became a prosperous man. At one time he owned two farms and a store. He served on the Prairie Grove School Board and the teachers would board with him. He was a good carpenter and was contracted to build several buildings. He was a "Country Lawyer" often asked by neighbors and friends to go to court with then to help settle any lawsuit that they might have.

In the 1880's he served as the Treasurer for Marion County, Ark. During the Civil War, as both armies were ""recruiting"" soldiers at gun point, he enlisted in the 14th Ark. W. Confederate States of America. The Union Army had first rode onto his place and told him he was expected to be ready to serve. He met them with a gun in each hand and they left. The next day he enlisted in the confederate Army, knowing it is thought, that he would have to serve, and his sympathies were with the South.

He served as Quartermaster in the 14th Ark. Infantry Regiment. This company was organized by Capt. William C. Mitchell. It was made up of volunteers from Marion Co., Ark., and Taney Co., Mo. and was organized in July 1861, two months after the war began. As the Regiment prepared to leave for war, Capt. Mitchell marched his company up and down the streets of Yellville, Ark. to the music of two fiddles played by Don Coker and Yellville Bill Coker, members of the same regiment. Their first battle was at Pea Ridge, Ark. and the regiment went on to fight well known battles at Iuka, Cornith and Tupelo, Miss. He was later to receive a $100.00 per year pension for this service. At the close of the War George A. Glenn returned home to Eros, Ark. His wife, Nancy, had fled Eros, because of the war, taking their children by wagon to Missouri to find a safer place. George went after his family and they returned home to Eros. It was here that Nancy died after 1870 and before 1874. Place of burial is unknown.

In 1874, George A. Glenn married for the second time to Leanna Mahala Briscoe. They became the parents of five children. Their oldest son, George Alonzo Glenn, born in 1876, is the direct line.

George A. Glenn was a strong Democrat, serving on different Democratic Comrnittees. He owned and operated sucessfully a store in Eros. In la ter years he financed a son-in-law, Burl Davenport, in business. Due to hard times, and credit the business failed and George A. Glenn lost nearly everything, including his farm.

Before his death his eyesight failed so that he was almost blind. He and Leanna spent his last years in the home of their son, Marshall Delmar Glenn, at Eros, Ark., where he died 3 July 1914. He is buried at the Crawford Cemetery, where for years he only had a rock for a headstone. In 1978 a military headstone was placed there.

Leanna (Briscoe) Glenn outlived him several years. She moved to Oklahoma after his death to be near her daughters and son.

George A. Glenn was a large man, at least 6 ft. 4 in. and over 200 pounds. It is believed the "A" in his name is for Arnold. All records on him is listed George A. Glenn. His oldest son by his second marriage was known as George Alonzo Glenn Jr. The Jr. could have been added so the difference could be told between the two George A. Glenns George Alonzo Glenn Jr. was always called Alonzo by this family.

He was married to Nancy H. Turney (daughter of Jacob B. Turney Jr. and Amanda Timmons) on 2 Jun 1853 in Searcy County, Arkansas. Nancy H. Turney was born on 13 Feb 1834 in Tennessee. She died between 1870 and 1874. George Arnold Glenn and Nancy H. Turney had the following children:

child+24 i. Mary Evaline Glenn.
child+25 ii. James Basil Glenn.
child+26 iii. Amanda Frances Glenn.
child+27 iv. Jacob Henry Glenn.
child+28 v. Martha J. Glenn.
child+29 vi. Nancy Caroline Glenn.
child+30 vii. Louisa Belle Glenn.
child+31 viii. Sarah Arnetta Glenn.
child+32 ix. John Asbury Glenn.

He was married to Leanna Lucinda Mahalia Briscoe (daughter of John Briscoe and Susannah Clanton) in 1874. Leanna Lucinda Mahalia Briscoe was born on 15 Feb 1846 in Benton County, Arkansas. She appeared on the census on 3 Feb 1920 in Hewitt Township, Carter County, Oklahoma.(24) She appeared on the census on 5 Apr 1930 in Brady Township, Garvin County, Oklahoma. (25) She died on 20 Dec 1936. George Arnold Glenn and Leanna Lucinda Mahalia Briscoe had the following children:

child+33 i. George Alonzo Glenn.
child+34 ii. Laura Lavada Glenn.
child+35 iii. Marshall Delmer Glenn.
child36 iv. Cleveland Glenn was born in Sep 1884 in Eros, Marion County, Arkansas. He died in 1901.
child+37 v. Anna Lee Glenn.