214. Laura May Beard Photo was born on 23 Aug 1897 in Austin, Travis County, Texas.(32) She died on 15 Apr 1976 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. (87) She was buried in Sunset Memorial, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.


On the last night of Oct. 1921, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Beard, Mr. George Waring, Murton and myself all of San Antonio and Mr. Carl Beard and Tom Spiller of Austin, Texas were to all meet in New Braunfels, a section of country known as a famous deer country. When we San Antonians reached New Braunfels we found a message for us from the boys saying, "We have gone on up the road."' Well I for one did not know which road but some of the rest understood. We left town went out a road that lead up hills, but a good road, after going for quite aways we saw a car stopped by the side of the road but reaching it we found it to be a Ford, anyway this Ford car contained two important people, Mr Carl Beard and Mr. Spiller, who were making hurried preparation for bed. We soon got the sleeping proposition out of them therefore they took up their bed and put it into the Ford and we all traveled on until it was beginning to got late. At last we found a dandy camping place and soon a fire was sending out waves of heat and a tent was stretched, cots furnished a resting place for four of us, the rest slept on the ground. We all rested fine the rest of the night. Before we went to sleep (I most forgot to mention it) Mrs. Beard or Elizabeth, expressed her opinion of the coats the men in that part of the country were wearing by saying "Did you notice that little jacket sitting upon that man's back." Well we all had a laugh about the way she expressed it. My first night to sleep in my shoes.

Next morning I must say the boys helped so much. While Mr. Beard, or Andrew did most of fixing breakfast, the other boys took down the tent and packed everything away in the car. Soon we had breakfast ready and everyone of us did ample justice to it. After putting all dishes away we started out for the day. Andrew, Elizabeth, myself and a great part of bedding made up the first car. The next car (I mean Ford) contained George and Murton. Then behind them came Carl and Tom Spiller. All the men were armed with guns and pistols and poor Elizabeth and I were suppose to use our eyes and let me tell you folks we sure did some looking. We hadn't been riding so very long when I saw two deer inside a pasture we were passing. About the time I gave the alarm Andrew and Elizabeth saw them, well the deer got away so fast that it seemed like I had dreamed of seeing them, but the rest saw them so guess it wasn't a dream. We did not see anymore deer that day. Except what went by dead on Fords or cars. Thank goodness somebody had good luck.

We found a good camping place along about noon and after a good meal Carl and Tom Spiller begin to talk of going to New Braunfels after gas. Well they left and we supposed they would be back in an hour or two. The hours slipped by until late afternoon and still the boys didn't show up. While Murton and I stayed at the camp, Andrew, Elizabeth and George went to New Braunfels to see about the boys. Several cars came by but none were any of our bunch. Dark came and still no boys. At last Andrew, Elizabeth and George came but they had not seen the boys. We fixed supper and started eating when Carl and Tom came driving up with a pitiful tale of "We had 9 punctures and one blow out." Well we believed no part of that because we happened to know they had two lady friends in New Braunfels so that settled everything. We put in a good nights sleep, all except Andrew and he slept cold.
Next morning George had to return to San Antonio. We hunted an hour or so and didn't have any luck (didn't anybody else tho as far as we could see.). Then we began to talk of going to Kerrville and hunting there. We talked it over with Carl and Tom. They are young and always ready for anything. So we headed for Kerrville. The first stopping place was a place called Smithsons Valley. This quiet nook consisted of one store, a house and well. We had heard folks talk of Twin Sisters and the Devils Backbone. After leaving Smithsons Valley we saw in the distance Twin Sisters and the Devils Backbone. The Twin Sisters were two mountains just alike. our next stopping place we found a blacksmith shop, store, post office, gin and a follow San Antonian and his stubborn Ford. This man and his car looked like they had been nowhere and seen something. He said he was an Insurance man. Well he didn't interest me. After getting some fruit etc. we started on. The next stop was on a hill by a wagon that had a wheel off. Our men helped get it on and we went on to Hye. The place consisted of one store and it was closed. The next stop was at Blanco. A pretty nice little town. We stopped and got some gas and went to the market after some meat. Well after waiting until the meat market man finished his visit at the other end of town he came down and sold us some pork chops cause that's all he had to sell. They tasted mighty good later in the day when we stopped for dinner. We also cooked our supper. The boys killed 3 or 4 squirrels and we fried them and made gravy. I can almost taste them now. They were so good. After dinner we went on and we went thru some beautiful country. Saw Round Mountain and the next stop was at Luckenbach. After looking around we found a store and a gin. From there we went to Cain City -- and people -- that was a pretty little place and what do you suppose we found there -- well it was a railroad, trains even stopped there. They told us there that Fredicksburg wasn't very far. We reached Fredricksburg just before dust, stopped and got gas and some bread and meat. Fredricksburg is a thriving little town. Then we went up hills and down hills and at last we came to a long slanting hill and nestling at the foot of this we saw lights twinkling here and there. When we reached this place we found it to be Kerrville. At Kerrville we stopped to phone back to San Antonio and tell them we had decided to stay a day longer. While we were there Carl and Tom explored the hotel. We soon started out and the next stop was at Ingram to get some lemons and soda to mix for medicine. We went 4 miles the other side of Ingram to Mr. Alf Smith's good ranch. That night we slept in the cars -- my such sleeping. Next morning Mr. Smith came down. I was very glad to meet him. He was so nice to us.

As soon as the boys had a bite to eat they started hunting. That morning Andrew and Murton saw one wild turkey and Carl and Tom killed a skunk. After dinner they all struck out hunting again. Elizabeth and I went to Mr. Smith's house and met Mrs. Smith and daughter. I liked them very much. About 4 o'clock Carl and Tom came in with an armadillo and in a few minutes in comes Andrew and Murton. They also have an armadillo.

We packed our car and leaving Carl and Tom we started for San Antonio. Came back thru Ingram and Kerrville. Got to see the country in the daytime. It was beautiful out there. On to Center Point. Got our supper there and went outside of town to eat. Went on to Comfort then to Boerne, Leon Springs and to San Antonio. (I forgot to say we went thru Fratt, Selma and Comal before -- to reach Now Braunfels -- the first night out).

Well, I consider the trip one long to be remembered. We went thru BEXAR CO., GUADALUPE CO., COMAL CO., KENDALL CO., MASON CO. then back thru KENDALL and on to BEXAR. We crossed the GUADALUPE RIVER 13 times between Kerrville and San Antonio, crossed the railroad 7 times, went thru 16 towns and were some tired people when we reached San Antonio at 10 o'clock on the night of Nov. 3, 1921.


She was married to Murton Chase Parrish (son of Milton Edwin Parrish and Grace Leona Chase) on 28 Feb 1921 in Austin, Travis County, Texas.(506) Murton Chase Parrish Photo was born on 27 Feb 1898 in Saugatuck, Michigan. He appeared on the census on 5 Apr 1930 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.(507) He died on 18 Dec 1989 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. (418) He was buried in Sunset Memorial, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.
Mr. Parish worked for 31 years with the San antonio Public Service, moving to lacoste where he worked with the Medina Valley School district, retiring in 1970. Laura May Beard and Murton Chase Parrish had the following children:

child677 i. Mary Grace Parrish was born on 31 Oct 1922 in Austin, Travis County, Texas. She died on 4 Dec 1939 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. She was buried in Sunset Memorial, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.
child+678 ii. Hazel Dell Parrish.
child+679 iii. Laura May Parrish.