33. George Alonzo Glenn was born in 1876 in Eros, Marion County, Arkansas. He appeared on the census on 18 May 1910 in Brady Township, Garvin County, Oklahoma. (144) He appeared on the census on 21 Jan 1920 in Texas Township, Cotton County, Oklahoma.(145) He appeared on the census on 5 Apr 1930 in Brady Township, Garvin County, Oklahoma. (146) He died on 9 Jul 1935 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was buried in Sunny Lane Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


This biography was written by Mrs. Wanda Conley of California <CCONLEY@bak.rr.com>, a George Glenn descendant:

George Alonzo Glenn, Son of George A. and Leanna (Brisco) Glenn was born in 1876 at Eros, Marion Co., Ark. He was the oldest child of the 2nd marriage of his father. He grew up at Eros, Marion Co., Ark. and married 29 March 1896, to Cora Catherine Pyle, daughter of Nathan and Hannah (Methvin) Pyle. They were married at a small community church called Jefferson Hall, near Eros, and afterwards went to his parents home for a wedding supper. This Hall Church also had a cemetery nearby as was the custom of that time. Also it was where many picnics & gatherings were held. The church building is no longer there and the cemetery is overgrown with weeds and brush.

George Alonzo and Cora went with her parents to the "Territory", now known as Oklahoma, after their first child George Absolom, was born, and before 1900. Their daughter Anna was born there in 1902. George Alonzo received word that his father was ill, so he returned to Eros, Ark. to help his father. While there their third child, Haskell Darrow Glenn was born on 23 July 1908. They returned to Okla. soon afterward and lived near Elmore City, Okla.

George Alonzo became ill in June of 1935, his death record states he was living at Temple, Okla. at the time of his death. He was taken to Okla. City hospital and died of cancer 9 July 1935. He is buried at Sunny Lane Cemetery, Okla. City, Okla. Cora lived with her children after his death and in 1937 came with her son, Haskell, and his family, to Arizona. George Absolom and Anna (Glenn) Jones also moved to Arizona soon afterwards. The family unit lived here about four years, and soon after the beginning of World War Two, they moved to Calif. Anna (Glenn) Jones and her family moved to Long Beach, Calif., and worked in the shipyards. Cora and George Absolom lived for a short time in Coalinga,, Calif.,, where Haskell and his family had settled, but moved to Long Beach, Calif. and lived with Anna. Shortly before the end of the War, George Absolom moved back to Coalinga. After the War, Anna and Cora also moved back to Coalinga. Anna's husband, Houston Jones, had died in 1941.

Anna went to work at the Coalinga Mineral Springs, a hotel/resort, about 25 miles from Coalinga. People would cone there for the water, for health reasons. Cora would live with Anna and with Haskell during those years. George Absolom also lived in the Coalinga area.

While working at the Mineral Springs, Anna met Peter Echeberry and they married about 1948. They lived about a mile away from the hotel and Cora was living with then when on the night of April 9, 1949 she had a heart attack. They rushed her to the hotel where there was a doctor, but she passed away before they could get her there. She is buried in the Grangevil1e Cemetery at Armona, Calif., because Coa1inga had no cemetery at that time.

He was married to Cora Catherine Pyle (daughter of Nathan Absolom Pyle and Hannah Ann Methvin) on 29 Mar 1896 in Marion County, Arkansas.(140) Cora Catherine Pyle was born on 23 Feb 1871 in Marion County, Arkansas. She appeared on the census on 4 Apr 1930 in Precinct #7, Wood County, Texas. (147) She died on 9 Apr 1949 in Coalinga Mineral Springs, Fresno County, California.(133) She was buried in Grangeville Cemetery, Armona, California. George Alonzo Glenn and Cora Catherine Pyle had the following children:

child+168 i. George Absolom Glenn.
child+169 ii. Anna Lee Glenn.
child+170 iii. Haskell Darrow Glenn.