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City of Secrets began as a commissioned effort for San Francisco-based synthpop band Secret-Secret. Doing work on commission for the first time ever was an interesting experience — Secret-Secret provided the basic storyline and some guidelines, but the rest of the worldbuilding, and developing the static story into an interactive fiction plot, has been largely my job, and has proved both challenging and rewarding.

Due to personal circumstances, the band eventually found that completing the project according to their original intention was going to be too difficult. As a result, I finished the game for release myself. City of Secrets is now in its third release, and available for download. The game will play on Glulx graphical or text-only interpreters under Windows, Macintosh (Classic or OSX), and Linux. Other platforms are to the best of my knowledge untested.

Troubleshooting: If you are having trouble getting your interpreter to recognize and run the game on the Macintosh: If you are using OS X, you may want, which runs under X natively and will label your .blb file for use with an interpreter. Otherwise, see these instructions. (Many thanks to Curt Siffert for providing BlorbDrop.)

If you are having trouble with pauses not responding to keyboard input, and you're using WinGlulxe, try clicking in the graphics panel to restore focus to the game. (It should work even when the graphics panel is dark.) This is acknowledged to be a pain, and will be fixed in the next version. Other interpreters do not to the best of my knowledge display this bug.

It is also apparently possible to lose keyboard input on some Mac Glulxe interpreters if you TAB during a pause to the menu window, then type space or some other key. "Key [whatever] is not bound" is a symptom of this problem. Again, pending a new version which will take some time to construct, I can't offer much of a suggestion other than to say: do not change focus (move to a new menu panel) while the game text is paused. Don't click anywhere but the text window and don't press TAB. If that seems like it's going to be too much trouble to live with, typing >VERYPLAIN at the first prompt will blow the entire window-panel system away, leaving you with pictureless IF just like in the old days.

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