Residency with 6th Graders at W.A. Patillo A+ School, Tarrboro NC







Grade Levels: K-2 / 3-5
Available as Concert or Residency (1-2 weeks)
Maximum number of students for Concert: 250/performance
Length of Concert: 35-55 min.
Technical Requirements: PA with 2 microphones on stands (prefer boom or gooseneck)
Study Guide provided.

A MUSICAL TRIP AROUND THE WORLD is totally participatory in nature. Through multi-lingual singing, students will gain a perception of the rich differences that exist between cultures, while also sensing the universal nature of music that binds the world together as one family. Students may learn a bi-lingual Puerto Rican song celebrating the human family, a Kiswahili counting song, an animal song in French, a clock song in Danish, a mystery song in Japanese, or a New Orleans vegetarian jazz song. Many songs will also be accompanied with Sign Language.

"A performer to remember!"
Director, Kennedy Center; Washington DC

"Awesome singing!!"
Atlanta 3rd Grader

"Elise Witt is a master at her craft, as proficient in the classroom as she is on the stage."
Arts Coordinator, O'Maley School, Gloucester MA

"A great inspiration for the students!"
Principal, North Charleston Elem., North Charleston SC

"Excellent! Fun and singable."
PTA Chair, Baucom Elem.; Apex NC

Grade Levels: College, University, Middle School & High School Foreign Language Students
Maximum number of students: 30-50
Available as one-time Workshop or Residency (1-2 weeks)
Length of Workshop: 1-2 class periods
Study Guide provided.

LANGUAGE IS MUSIC IS LANGUAGE is for French, Spanish, Italian, and German classes. Students and teachers alike are amazed how much easier it is to learn a foreign language through songs. Drawing on her vast repertoire of songs from Europe, Canada, South America, Africa, and the United States, Elise involves the students in a discovery of the musicality of Language. Each culture brings its own rich linguistic characteristics to its music and has unique rhythms and melodies to share with the rest of the world. As Elise teaches songs she puts them into their cultural context with stories that illuminate each song's origins. Elise is also a stickler for pronunciation, and makes the speaking so much fun, that in no time students find themselves sounding like native speakers!

"She taught the students culture, pronunciation, and vocabulary words without the students even realizing it!"
Spanish Teacher, Barnesville HS; Barnesville GA

"She would receive straight A's from me!!"
French Student, Cony HS; Augusta ME

"I was totally impressed and awed with her fantastic voice and ability to inspire the students."
German Teacher, Upson-Lee HS; Thomaston GA

Grade Level: College, University, Middle & High School Vocal Groups - Chorus, Choir, Glee Club, A Capella Ensembles, etc.
Maximum number of students: 60
Available as one-time Workshop or Residency (1-2 weeks)
Length of Workshop: 1-2 class periods

Study Guide provided.

CHORAL TUNE UP is a workshop for College, University, Middle & High School Vocal Groups. It reinforces choral teacher's warm-up techniques, proper breathing, diaphragm work, diction, and dynamics. Drawing on her vast experience as a professional soloist, a 20-year member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus and Chamber Chorus under the direction of choral master Robert Shaw, Elise breathes new life and excitement into the process of ensemble singing. Inspired by her studies of vocal improvisation with Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, and David Darling,, of African Music with Dr. Fred Onovwerosuoke and African American music with Dr. Ysaye Barnwell, Elise teaches songs that are polyrhythmic and polytonal, songs that are easy to learn, but sound fabulous when sung in ensemble. The workshop is ideal for developing group dynamics and building Ensemble.

"She has a way of making students feel good about what they're doing."
Choral Teacher, Atlanta GA

ELISE WITT was born in Switzerland, raised in North Carolina and since 1977 has made her home in Atlanta. She speaks five languages fluently and sings in at least a dozen more. Elise sang for 20 years in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus and Chamber Chorus, under the baton of choral master Robert Shaw. In 2007, Elise was part of a 16-voice ensemble of singers from the U.S. invited to sing with the Chiang-Su State Chorus from Nanjing, and the Beijing Central Conservatory Chorus, along with the Jiangsu Province Symphony Orchestra, with guests from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and Russia, under the direction of reknowned Chinese conductor Mu-Hai Tang (former assistant conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, under Maestro Karajan). With the Carolina Choir, under the direction of Lara Hoggard, she toured Yugoslavia and performed at the Graz Choral Festival in Austria. As a soloist and band leader, Elise has performed and taught everywhere from Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and Clearwater Hudson River Revival; from the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to Passim Coffeehouse in Boston; from the Jinotepe Harvest Festival in Nicaragua to the Popular Music Festival in Siena, Italy and in schools around the United States and abroad. She represented the state of Georgia at the Kennedy Center's 25th Anniversary Celebration, and for the year 2000 was chosen as one of 120 residency artists nationwide for "America Creates for the Millenium." She was co-conductor of the One Voice Community Chorus at ROOTS Fest 2011 along with African Vocal Master Dr. Fred Onovwerosuoke, Payne Memorial AME music director Tony Winston, and National Labor Heritage Foundation director Darryl Moch. Elise has 9 recordings on the EMWorld label, and her music has been heard on radio and television worldwide.

"You have a beautiful voice!!"
HS Student, Barnesville GA

"She gives students an outlet not only to express what's in their minds, but what's in their hearts."
The Daily Reflector, Greenville NC

A bi-lingual celebration of Latin Rhythms & the Spanish Language with Beverly Botsford & Elise Witt
Grade Levels: Elementary, Middle, & High School
Maximum number of students: 250
Available as Performance OR 1-2 week Residency

Join international vocalist Elise Witt & cross-cultural percussionist Beverly Botsford on a Bi-Lingual artsploration/celebration exploring the Spanish Language and the Contagious Rhythms of Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean. In an inspired collaboration that honors traditions in a contemporary spirit, Elise & Beverly are the guides on a journey using the two oldest forms of musical expression. Students join in polyrhythms and vocal harmonies on everything from Cuban son and Chilean nueva canción to Spanish flamenco and a Nicaraguan food song! We will even create a “polyrhythmic sound painting” using Thank You’s from around the world. Music is a language used by people all over the world, a bridge that brings us together as one human family. When we learn songs from other countries, we learn to appreciate what makes each culture different, special, and unique. .

"This terrific team of two captivated both elementary and middle school students. Phenomenal!"
Corinth Holders School, Zebulon NC

BEVERLY BOTSFORD has performed in Africa, Asia, Europe, Cuba, and all over the Americas. For 13 years Beverly travelled with the Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble, is on the music faculty of the American Dance Festival, has studied Afro-Cuban culture and percussion in her travels to Cuba, and currently tours internationally with jazz singer Nnenna Freelon.

"We think the key to better understanding and appreciating music and foreign language is to get children involved in fun, high energy, interactive music and language experimentation, and that is exactly what 'Cantamos con Ritmo' did for our students!"
Joyner Elementary School, Raleigh NC

Together, Beverly and Elise have sung and played in schools around the Southeast, working with Kindergarten through High School age students including students studying Spanish, French, Chorus, Band, Theater, Dance,and core academics. Their collaborations have also included Teacher Workshops and polyrhythmic/multi-tonal Workshops for Adults. “Singing Hands,” their residency at Creekside High School in Atlanta, was featured in Pass It On, the national journal of the Children's Music Network. In addition to being animated and entertaining performers, Beverly and Elise are known and loved as Educators who pass on their passion for singing, percussion, and world cultures to students of all ages.



AUG. through DEC. - DECATUR GA
Global Village School
Elise is Artist-in-Residence for the
"Singing to Learn" Music Initiative
Supported by Onyx Consulting Foundation

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival
Elise presents her "Musical Trip Around the World" - a participatory, multi-lingual concert for kids and their families
@ Family Activity Area
Grant Park, Atlanta

Artist in Residence @ Lady's Island Elementary School

Singing workshop for "Building Home" - a community theater project directed by Bob Leonard
Virginia Tech University

Women in Creativity class
Virginia Tech University

"Language is Music" w/Elise Witt
8:00 - 9:00 a.m. Spanish
9:15 - 10:15 a.m. German
10:30 - 11:30 a.m. French
Cary Academy Middle School

12:30 & 1:45 p.m.
"A Musical Trip Around the World," a multi-lingual, participatory concert with Elise Witt
Partnership Elementary School
601 Devereux St., Raleigh NC


Global Village School
Elise is Artist-in-Residence for the
"Singing to Learn" Music Initiative
Supported by Onyx Consulting Foundation

North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Survival Spanish: A Language Immersion seminar for NC teachers
Elise Witt w/Carmen Alfonso, Althea Gonzalez, Juan Louis Meced, Tootie Watson, Donna Glee Williams and other special guests


Kittredge Elementary Language Magnet, Decatur GA
Jackson Elementary - French immersion school, Atlanta GA
Global Village School, Decatur GA
International Community School, Avondale GA
Wilkinson County High School, Irwinton GA
Holly Springs Elementary, Douglasville GA
Eastvalley Elementary, Marietta GA
Cliff Valley School, Atlanta GA
Neighborhood Charter School, Atlanta GA
St. Helena Early Learning Center, Savannah GA
Cochran Elementary, Cochran GA
Kincaid Elementary, Marietta GA
Creekside High School, Fairburn GA
Mt. Olive Elementary, Atlanta GA
Campbell Elementary, Atlanta GA
Alpharetta High School, Alpharetta GA
Bear Creek Middle School, Palmetto GA
Friends School of Atlanta, Decatur GA
Rome Elementary, Rome GA
Milton High School, Atlanta GA
Gullatt Elementary, Atlanta GA
Coralwood School, Atlanta GA

Patillo A+ School, Tarrboro NC
Wiley Elementary, Raleigh NC
McGee's Crossroads Middle School, McGee's Crossroads, NC
McGee's Crossroads Elementary School, McGee's Crossroads, NC
Riverwood Elementary, Clayton NC
Cary Academy Middle School, Cary NC
Green Year Round Elementary, Raleigh NC
Charlotte Latin School, Charlotte NC
St. Egbert's School, Morehead City NC
J.T. Barber Elementary, New Bern NC
Cooper Elementary, Raleigh NC
The Raleigh School, Raleigh NC
Benson Middle School, Benson NC
Knightdale Elementary, Knightdale NC
Wendell Elementary, Wendell NC
Rolesville Elementary, Rolesville NC
Corinth Holder School, Zebulon NC
Moore Square Middle School, Raleigh NC
Joyner Elementary, Raleigh NC
Ashe County Elementary, Jefferson NC
Wildwood Forest Elementary, Raleigh NC
Fox Road Elementary, Raleigh NC
Vance Elementary, Raleigh NC
Timber Drive Elementary, Raleigh NC

Whale Branch Middle School, Whale Branch SC
St. Helena Early Learning Center, St. Helena SC
Christ Church Episcopal School, Greenville SC
Lady's Island Elementary School, Lady's Island SC

Gerstell Academy, Westminster MD
Spring Ridge Elementary, Frederick MD
Green Acres School, Rockville MD
Meadow Hall Elementary, Rockville MD
Maryvale Elementary, Rockville MD
Bells Mill Elementary, Potomac MD

Floris Elementary, Herndon VA
Blacksburg Middle School, Blacksburg VA

Mead Elementary, Amherst WI
Grove Elementary, Wisconsin Rapids WI

Duke University, Durham NC
Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg VA
Presbyterian College, Clinton SC
Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw GA
Davidson College, Davidson NC
Oglethorpe University, Atlanta GA

Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Macon GA
Strathmore Center, North Bethesda MD
North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Cullowhee NC
LEAF Lake Eden Arts Festival, Black Mountain NC
High Museum of Art, Atlanta GA
Main Street Theater and Cultural Center, Dawson GA
Morris Museum of Art, Augusta GA
North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh NC
Temple Theater, Temple ME
Inman Park Festival, Atlanta GA
Grant Park Shade Festival, Atlanta GA
Hambidge Center for Creative Arts & Sciences, Rabun Gap GA
Atlanta Young Singers of Callanwolde, Atlanta GA
Moving in the Spirit, Atlanta GA
Good Moves Dance Company, Atlanta GA
Decatur Library, Decatur GA
Richmond County Board of Education, Augusta GA
The Telfair Museum of Art, Savannah GA
Winter Light Storytelling Festival, Atlanta GA
The Goethe Institut, Atlanta GA
Paulding County Library, Dallas GA
The Art Factory, Augusta GA
Oakhurst Community Garden, Decatur GA
Tellebration, Douglasville GA
Blue Sky Concerts, Decatur GA
Peacemakers Institute, Blairsville GA
Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, Atlanta GA
Class Acts, Royal Oak MD


W. A. Patillo A+ School, Tarboro NC
6th Grade

"The students were engaged and enthusiastic, and I was renewed and reminded of the simple joy of singing with kids. Since you were here, I've heard you described as kind, gentle, and elegant, as well as just FUN! We've been listening to your CDs, and the children get so excited when they hear your voice, especially the EC class. Thank you for working tirelessly and graciously. We all enjoyed getting to know you."
Dennis Hamrick, Music Teacher

"The first day I came in I was mad, but when I came out of music class I was so happy - thank you!"

"How you sing is so amazing."

"You were such a wonderful choreographer. Every time I saw you, you had a big bright smile upon your face. Thank you for teaching us the different languages. Some of them were a tongue twister, but I got the hang of it!"

"I really like the way you dress. It's really creative."

"I wish that you can come back tomorrow so that we can have another adventure with you."

"I had so much fun with you here. I didn't know that I could speak 9 different languages, but when you came, you helped me and inspired me to achieve my goals and reach the highest achievements. When you came you helped me inspire myself and believe in myself."

"I really learned how music feels and how you can make music by movement of your body, so I really had a fun time with you."

"Your coming here is the best thing that ever happened to Patillo!"

Contact Elise Witt c/o:
EMWorld Records
PO Box 148, Pine Lake GA 30072

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