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Eddie Rhoades

FREE Concerts In YOUR Home

Eddie Rhoades is interested in doing Concerts In Your Home so please email me if you're interested and I will give all the details. Basically if you have a fair-sized living room or den and can get 10 to 20 or so friends to commit then we can hold a Concert In Your Home at no cost to you, the host. Each guest will be expected to donate a minimum of $10 or $15 to the performer. The host keeps none of the funds. It sure beats driving to Atlanta in that awful traffic, paying to park, eating out, buying high-priced concert tickets, jostling with the crowds. Worrying about a DUI, coming home late and tired. Instead you will be able to HEAR the music up close and personal and talk to the songwriter afterwards and be back home in minutes.


Award winning songwriter and producer of three professionally recorded CDs of original songs will give a Concert In Your Home. I will play a minimum of two sets - maybe more, depending on audience reaction. I will bring copies of all three of my CDs for sale. Their titles are Last Man Standing, Universal Love and Songs For Your Garden.

Song samples can be heard at

Concert In MY Home

Being a songwriter and a member of several music organizations I want to let you all know that sometimes I have Nashville songwriters spend the night at my house. I feed them and give them a place to sleep on their journey to and from Nashville. While here in my home they are glad to give a Home Concert. There is no fee but we request a donation minimum of $10 which goes directly to the performer. These guys are on-the-road musicians and don't make a lot of money so they depend on others to help them along. Gas alone is a big expense for these troubadours. If you like original songs you will love these performers. Let me know if you want to participate in these upcoming Home Concerts and I will add you to my contact list today.


If you went to a concert in Atlanta you would have to drive in downtown traffic, find a place to park and pay to park, eat out, pay high prices for a concert ticket then back in traffic and home late. At my house you would avoid all that and when it ends you can be home in a couple of minutes.

Thanks for your consideration,

Eddie Rhoades
667 Longwood Court
Marietta, GA 30008
ph 678-354-6394


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