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Eddie Rhoades

Eddie has a new, original song that was done on GarageBand
you might like to try for free!
It is titled (I like my garden just a little on the):

Trashy Side

Eddie's CD "Last Man Standing" is now available
direct from!

Download Individual Songs to iTunes
(iTunes must be installed on your computer)

Listen to MP3 clips from Eddie's "Last Man Standing" CD!

One Good Woman©

The Singer©

Rock Bottom Bar©

Island Girl©

Lightning Quick©

Green Man©

Last Man Standing©

Traffic Light©

Here Kitty©

Beginning Of The End©

Now you can see the video of Amanda singing
"Beginning of the End" on YouTube!

The Dolly Song©
It's not part of the "Last Man Standing" album,
but Eddie's fans always ask for "The Dolly Song"!

Now you can download "The Dolly Song"
for free from Eddie's MySpace site!

Now you can see the video of Eddie singing
"Toss It" on YouTube!

Eddie & brother Robert at a recent live performance.

Radio personnel, talent scouts and music industry moguls,
please email Eddie regarding personal appearances,
recording contracts and all other inquiries.

To listen to MP3's, you need to have Windows Media Player or another player with MP3 capabilities.
Click here to get Windows Media Player.



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