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Bittersweet Gardens Nursery Sale - I have available in my backyard nursery select pawpaws in one gallon pots, limit two to a person at $10 each. Four single seed persimmons at $8 per gallon pot. Plus one each of a few assorted plants. I also have a limited amount of gourd birdhouses, a couple of bat boxes, 2 Suncatchers, 2 Harley Motorcycle birdhouses. No shipping - must pick up at nursery.

Guitar Slinger - Greg Tatum is the best guitar player I have ever seen, better than Jimi Hendrix and better than Stevie Ray Vaughn in my opinion. Eddie Rhoades sometimes plays during the two twenty minute breaks the band takes. For more info on venues and times go to

Grafting Talk - On September 17 at 6:30 p.m., Eddie will speak on Grafting at the Cobb County Water Department's Rain Garden off South Cobb Drive - Free. (More info to come from Cobb Extension Service.)

Shiitake Logs - Eddie Rhoades has inoculated logs with Shiitake mushroom spawn plugs. After an incubation period these logs will produce mushrooms for up to three years. This would be a good way to try and see if you want to get started raising your own mushrooms. The logs are 3 to 7 inches diameter and 2 1/2 to 4 feet long. Please inquire about current prices and availability as supply is VERY limited. I have been limiting quantity to two per person. If you can get by with one, more people will be able to buy them. If I don’t have any in stock I will put your name on a backorder list. For more information please see my Shiitake article at Eddie's Writings : Shiitake Logs.

Contact Eddie at Bittersweet!

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