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Zany Writings by Eddie Rhoades

The Vampire Pig

is a terrible sight
he sucks watermelon
juice by night

I found an old broken umbrella
and some trash can lids for wings
so I strapped them on
and jumped off the roof
and Lordy, how it stings
my knees are skint
my arm feels broke
I drove my chest up into my throat
I hid my tears
and covered my pain
and said gosh that was fun
Let's do it again
Then Johnny said
gimme that stuff, its my turn

Beneath the earth
there are many worms
this one's name is FRED
It's hard to tell which end is which
Do you think that's his head?


These are excerpts from Eddie's children's book

"Kid Stuff"

Eddie Rhoades wrote all the poems,
drew all the illustrations including the cover and actually
ran the printing press to self-publish this book!

Now available at the new low price of $4.00 each!
(add $1.50 postage & shipping)



©2010 by Eddie Rhoades - All Rights Reserved