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"Ten Things to Do in Summer"
© Eddie Rhoades

  1. You've stood around admiring the glory of spring long enough, get busy weeding.

  2. Mulch everything with the mulch you should have stockpiled during the winter.

  3. Don't complain about the weather because even though it's hot as blazes it's not officially summer yet.

  4. Visit Callaway Gardens. Nobody says you have to spend all your free time in your own garden. Water everything then leave.

  5. Continue to buy plants on impulse. Stockpile them around the doorway as a constant reminder of how much you needed them in the first place.

  6. Plant aggressive plants and just say they're ground covers or they've naturalized.

  7. If company is coming unexpectedly, grab a can of green paint and spray any dead shrubs. It works for dead spots on the lawn, too. Run to the nursery and buy some beautiful flowers, come back and plant them, pots and all.

  8. Decorate your mailbox. People can use it for directions. "I'm the fifth house on the right past the day-glo orange mailbox."

  9. Put steroids in the hummingbird feeder and watch them grow.

  10. Make mud pies.



©2010 by Eddie Rhoades - All Rights Reserved