• "iMovie 3 Solutions: Tips, Tricks and Special Effects" Sybex Books, June 2003.
    "Digital Video E
    ssentials" Sybex Books, January 2003
  • "Digital Photography Essentials" Sybex Books, September 2002

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iMovie 3 Solutions

Rec.Photo.Digital Welcome FAQ

Rec.Video.Desktop Welcome FAQ

Digital Photo Finishing FAQ

Video Stream FAQlet

Recordable DVD FAQ

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Welcome to my site.

Now that you're here, please feel free to wander around and see what there is to see. I've designed this site primarily as a holding location for my not-very-current FAQs. Most of the FAQs are outdated--please check the update dates associated with each one. I've been pretty busy during 2002 being pregnant and during 2003 with the newborn and writing books. Here's what you can find on-site.

Book list. My publications.

iMovie 3 Solutions page. Support material for iMovie 3 Solutions from Sybex Books (Forthcoming June 2003)

Rec.Photo.Digital Welcome FAQ. This FAQ introduces the newsgroup to new posters.

Rec.Video.Desktop Welcome FAQ. A welcome FAQ for posters new to the desktop video forum.

Digital Photo Finishing FAQ. Read about many of the online and retail services available for photofinishing of digital images.

Video Stream FAQlet. How to compress, stream, capture and convert video.

Recordable DVD FAQ. Stuff about recordable DVDs.