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Welcome to Eric Johnson Enterprises, Inc.


About Us

Welcome to Eric Johnson Enterprises - a resource you can turn to for information about commercial carpeting products, installation, maintenance, and more.

Founded in 1972, Eric Johnson Enterprises is a national commercial carpet company that focuses on offering seamless integration of products and services between manufacturers and end users. As a national commercial carpeting company, we are committed to providing high quality, cost-effective carpeting solutions that help our clients achieve their flooring objectives. We specialize in carpeting specifically designed for the healthcare environment. Our approach matches your carpet needs to our carpet options. Also, we provide consulting services ranging from how to select carpeting to installation and maintenance.

When you need reliable information about commercial carpeting or need a direct product procurement source, Eric Johnson Enterprises is your direct link to quality carpeting.


Eric Johnson Enterprises, Inc.
173 Sears Avenue, Suite 264
Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 893-7178 or
Fax: (502) 897-2874
e-mail: ericjohnson@ejecarpet.com


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