Children of the Seed: A Blue Seed Primer

The Aragami

Aragami - plant-based demon creatures. (Many forms, usually huge and mutated). Their souls are in small blue seeds, or "mitamas", which join themselves to other creatures (an insect, frog, jellyfish, dog, plant, etc.) and grow to grotesque size and power. Destroy the seed, and destroy the Aragami. The TAC invented a number of scientific methods of killing Aragami, including light-pulse weapons and injected plant toxins. Kusanagi would just tear them apart, and Sakura would use charms. It often took all of these and more to put down an Aragami. Many Aragami were out to cleanse the world of humanity or kill the Kushinada, but others had more mundane motives like finding a new place to live or avenging some wrong done them in a previous life.

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Murakumo (aka Yamata-no Orochi) - eight headed dragon god of the Aragami, often appearing in convenient foppish human form. (Long black hair, pale skin). Worked with Kaede to return Susano-Oh rid the world of humans, creating a great plant kingdom. Loved to smack around Kusanagi since he had eight mitamas and Kusanagi had seven. Murakumo turned on Susano-Oh and Kaede when he determined that they weren't going for the same Kingdom of the Aragami he was.

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Kaede Fujimiya - Kushinada and Aragami collaborator. (Short, dark hair and peaceful air). Kaede disappeared and was feared dead, but instead was cooperating with the Aragami in secret. She believed in the renewal of Nature that destroying all of humanity (or at least turning them into plants) would bring, but at the end was convinced by Momiji to relent and that she and Lord Susano-Oh should go back to sleep.

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Lord Susano-Oh - "Outcast God" and head of the Aragami. First defeated the Orochi and married the first Kushinada in ancient times, now reborn in modern times. Grew quickly from baby to full adult form Handsome and unspeaking, he generally just grew at the center of the plant complex designed to bring the Aragami plan to fruition.


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