Children of the Seed

by Ernest Mueller

Children of the Seed is a role-playing setting based on the outstanding Japanese anime series Blue Seed, written by Yuzo Takada. It is designed for use with the Feng Shui RPG but can easily be adapted to others.

SPOILER WARNING: The series primer discusses all the events of the Blue Seed anime series, including the series' conclusion and the final dispositions of its main characters. Do not read any farther if this is a problem for you.

Children of the Seed takes place twenty years after the events described in the Blue Seed series. The player characters are the children or other dependents of the original cast members. A recap of the Blue Seed characters and events is provided for those unfamiliar with the details.

Listen to "Carnival Babel", the Blue Seed opening theme - in RealAudio!

Blue Seed Series Primer

Plot Primer
The Aragami

Children of the Seed

The Children
The Adventure

Blue Seed Links

Listen to "Touch and Go", the Blue Seed closing theme - in RealAudio!


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