Children of the Seed

The Children

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Jun Matsudaira - thirty-year-old son of Azusa Matsudaira. The only current member of the TAC (it really got ramped down after the threat was handled), you carry on your mother's work, often with her assistance. You are the only PC who was alive during the disaster. You are a scientist like your mother, and studying the Aragami is fascinating. You have an inward fear of them stemming from your childhood. The Kusanagis have politely but firmly made it clear you can't experiment on them, so you are always looking for more specimens.

You own a van, and a bunch of technical gizmos that seems to generally have what you need to whip together something on demand.

Jun's Character Sheet

Umeo Yaegashi - sixteen-year-old son of Yoshiki Yaegashi and Kome Sawaguchi. Your name means "plum son." You have your mother's red hair, which you wear in a crewcut, and take after her in most ways. You are currently a cadet in a military school, your goal in life is to be on an elite special forces team in the Self Defense Force. Unlike most Japanese citizens, you've grown up around guns, and have a modified assault rifle your mother used to have, which she gave you when you entered the Academy. You're getting along well at school but don't see why they are "holding you back," you're ready to go into the SDF now! You're just itching to show Japan what you're made of, and live up to your mother's legacy as the "Hurricane of the SDF."

Umeo's Character Sheet

Kiku Kunikida - eighteen-year-old daughter of Daitetsu Kunikida and Ryoko Takeuchi. Your name means "chrysanthemum." Your parents brought you up in a very traditional Japanese home. They instilled a sense of duty and love for Japan in you since you were little. As a result, when you had to decide on a career, you decided on the Tokyo Police Department. You graduated from the police academy just a couple months ago and are still very much a rookie. The indolence of some of the other Tokyo police bothers you, and you intend to set a shining example of diligent police work. You are fairly religious (Shinto). You are a crack shot, and have studied some traditional Japanese martial arts which you find very calming.

Kiku's Character Sheet

Keizou Yanagi - fifteen-year-old apprentice faith healer to Sakura Yamazaki. Your name means "three willow whip," which pretty much describes your relationship to Sakura. You fell in love with ther from watching her teen idol performances, and when she finally had to retire and takeup faith healing again you were right there to sign up as her apprentice and general whipping boy.

You have managed to learn a lot of faith healing from her, she tells you that it's not really magic but psychic abilities, but to you it just seems like magic. She calls you blockhead and whacks you at that usually. One of these days she'll let you get within 5 feet of her without busting on you, she is soooo beautiful and kind…

Keizou's Character Sheet

Hakushi Kusanagi - twelve-year-old son of Mamoru Kusanagi and Momiji Fujimiya. Your name means "oak branch." You are half Aragami, and have had one blue seed (mitama) in your left hand since birth. You were the firstborn, your twin brother Hakuyou was born not 5 minutes after. You have some cool powers, you have blades that sprout form your forearms like your father, and can transform into an armored version of yourself. Your father calls you "one tough little stump." These powers don't make school any easier, however, and you have trouble both with your schoolwork and with your classmates. This has made you a little rebellious. You envy your brother a little because his brown hair is more "normal." You can join hands with him and get more powers, but you are usually reluctant to do so in public.

Hakushi's Character Sheet

Hakuyou Kusinagi - twelve-year-old son of Mamoru Kusanagi and Momiji Fujimiya. Your name means "oak leaf." You are half Aragami, and have had one blue seed (mitama) in your right hand since birth. You were the second born, your twin brother Hakushi was born first. Your seed allow you to move very quickly, jump real far, and even phase through natural materials (wood, paper, etc). You can always detect when your father is around, too, allowing you to get away with more than your brother. You are the crafty one of the pair. You and your brother get along, but sometimes you use your additional smarts to put one over on him, he doesn't like that (but generally can't catch you). If you join hands with Hakushi, you both can pool your powers and fly and stuff, though it is tiring to lift that big stump of a brother.

Hakuyou's Character Sheet


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