Children of the Seed: A Blue Seed Primer

The Blue Seed anime series is an epic tale of love, danger, sacrifice, and the fate of Mankind. Here is a quick recap of the events that rocked all of Japan at that time...

Blue Seed is set in modern-day (1990's) Japan. An ancient race of demon plant creatures, the Aragami, arose to wipe the planet free of humanity and restore Nature to a pristine state. The Japanese government had a super-secret high tech organization called the TAC (Terrestrial Administration Center) in place to combat this threat. Since ancient times this organization or one like it has used the blood of the "Kushinada" to keep the Aragami in check. "Kushinada" is a hereditary title that passes from mother to daughter upon birth of the firstborn daughter. Legend says that the first Kushinada was created when the god Susano-Oh slew the eight headed dragon, Yamata-no Orochi and then claimed for his wife a young woman who was to have been sacrificed to the dragon. From this union sprang the bloodline of the Princess Kushinada. Human sacrifice of the Kushinada is required to destroy the Aragami once and for all.

Fifteen years before the events of Blue Seed, the unprecedented happened - a pair of twins were born to the Kushinada. Momiji Fujimiya, a Japanese schoolgirl, was one. She was raised in secret, not knowing her heritage, while her sister Kaede was raised by the leader of the TAC, Kunikida, as his daughter. This division of the Kushinada's power into two individuals caused the sleeping Aragami to slowly return to life. Kaede disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and shortly thereafter Momiji was attacked at her school by an Aragami seeking to kill her ritually within a special "ceramic field" that would prevent her death from destroying the Aragami.

A mysterious man with obvious supernatural powers named Kusanagi appeared, and wavered between killing Momiji (in order to destroy the Aragami) and protecting her. Momiji deliberately placed herself in harm's way to protect Kusanagi, and was nearly killed outside the ceramic field - but the attacking Aragami implanted her with its seed and died itself rather than let her die (which would destroy all Aragami).

Momiji then met the members of the TAC who were to be her friends and protectors. They were Kunikida the leader of the TAC, Takeuchi his second in command, Kome the weapons expert, Matsudiara the scientist, Yaegashi the computer expert, and eventually Sakura the faith healer. The TAC developed numerous scientific weapons to use againt the Aragami. Some were effective, though most still required Kusanagi to deliver the final blow to the weakened Aragami.

Momiji, Kusanagi, and the TAC then led an epic battle to defeat the Aragami. At first, random Aragami appeared trying to kill Momiji or just generally rampage around Tokyo or the Japanese countryside. This gave way to Aragami working with a strange purpose, preparing Tokyo for some kind of ritual. Then, the unexpected happened - Kaede reappeared!

Momiji's sister Kaede was consorting with the Aragami and was raising the newly-reborn god Susano-Oh. Their goal was the cleansing of the earth of polluting mankind, assisted by another super-powered man, Murakumo, who turned out to be the dragon Orochi in disguise. The trio visited a number of caves of power in Japan in order to grow Susano-Oh into his fully adult state. The TAC and Kusanagi tried to prevent this, but Murakumo's power and their unwillingness to harm Kaede overcame them.

All of Japan was nearly destroyed as hundred-foot-tall plants ripped through the hearts of all major cities, and the populace had to flee to shelters and the countryside. Susano-Oh took up residence in the plant in the center of Tokyo. The Aragami's plan was to release spores that would turn all people they touched into plant-slime. All the abilities of the TAC, the superhuman abilities of Kusanagi, and especially the brave actions of Momiji would berequired to fend off this final threat.

The news broke that sacrifice of the Kushinada could prevent this threat, and the Japanese government moved to take her into custody. The TAC broke off from the government and went underground to protect Momiji. They developed a technological weapon designed to work with Momiji and produce a "Kushinada Pulse" that would make the Aragami sleep without killing Momiji. As the eclipse that would herald the end of the world began, the TAC tried their countermeasure. At the same time, Murakumo realized that Kaede and Susano-Oh were not working towards a kingdom with the Aragami in charge, and transformed into Orochi the seven-headed dragon and attacked. Momiji's seed was transferred to Kusanagi, making him a match for the grotesque beast.

A bitter battle ensued. The Kushinada Pulse failed, but Momiji began a ritual that, at the cost of her own life, demonstrated the real power of the Kushinada - it imbued the people of Japan with hope, rendering them strangely immune to the spores, but resulting in Momiji's death! Momiji's love and self-sacrifice touched Kaede, who picked up the ritual herself before its end and retreated with Susano-Oh inside the giant plant to sleep with the ages, leaving Momiji barely alive.

The threat over, the Japanese people returned to rebuild their cities and the hearts of the TAC turned to their long-suppressed love for each other...


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