Children of the Seed: A Blue Seed Primer


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Momiji Fujimiya - fifteen-year-old high school student and Kushinada. (Long brown hair, ready smile.) Was implanted with a seed that allowed her to detect nearby Aragami, later this seed was given to Kusanagi to complete his "eight seeds" and make him a match for Orochi. Sweet-tempered Momiji was flighty at times, but was the key to defeating the Aragami. She was always ready to help and brave in the face of danger. She nearly died performing a ritual designed to allow the Kushinada to put the Aragami to sleep by sacrificng herself. Fell quickly in love with Kusanagi.

See Momiji Loaded for Bear
See Momiji in Weirdo Psychic mode
See Momiji in Water Ritual

Kusanagi Mamoru - super-powered protector of Momiji and (at least part) Aragami. (Red trench coat, cat eyes, green/black hair, occasional arm blades, armored exoskeleton, and spikes.) As a child, his parents were slain by the Orochi dragon, and he was implanted with seven of its seeds and charged to protect the Kushinada from any humans who might decide to sacrifice her. He watched Kaede grow up and protected her, growing to care for her deeply. Then Kaede vanished in a burst of light, presumed dead, and Kusanagi discovered that there was a second Kushinada. At first Kusanagi wanted to kill Momiji, but instead became her protector. He eventually decided his love for her was more than his love for Kaede.

See Kusanagi looking pensive
See Kusanagi kicking ass

Daitetsu Kunikida, head of the TAC. (Bearded, with trenchcoat.) Gruff, but loves both Kaede and Momiji very much. Fond of telling bad jokes. Led the TAC through many trials till the end. Firm and forthright, Kunikida is respected by all members of the TAC and sees them all as his responsibility. He leads the TAC underground when the government demands they turn over Momiji for sacrifice. Ends up with Takeuchi, much to her relief.

See Kunikida at work

Ryoko Takeuchi, second in command and ex- Tokyo police officer. (Business dress, blue-black hair covering half of her face.) Efficient and ruthless where Aragami are concerned, and a crack shot. Calm and professional, could almost be mistaken for a good secretary (albeit an armed one). Her long-standing crush on Kunikida came to fruition at the end of the Aragami crisis.

See Takeuchi closeup

Yoshiki Yaegashi, computer programmer extraordinaire. (Shirt and tie, glasses). A dyed-in-the-wool wimp who didn't even know how to operate a weapon, Yaegashi invented many anti-Aragami programs. His best one predicted the behavior and movement of Aragami, allowing them to be tracked and analyzed for weaknesses. Kind of quiet and lived with his mother after his transfer from the Office of Economic Development to the TAC but comes through in the clutch when his teammates depend on him. Quite unexpectedly, he hooks up with Kome.

See Yaegashi in rare form

Kome Sawaguchi, the "Hurricane of the SDF". (Pink overalls, red hair, headband). The trigger-happy weapons specialist of the TAC. She loves nothing more than to shoot rocket launchers into things. Her motto is, "If you still have bullets, keep shooting." Afraid of seeming feminine and can come off as loud and abrasive. Very much against her will, she was impressed by Yaegashi's bravery when all seemed lost and fell in love with him.

See Kome with hair bow
A little Kome cheesecake

Azusa Matsudaira, head scientist and mother. (Black hair pulled back, lab coat). Divorced, her son Jun lived with his father. The crisis brought them closer together and she spent time with them when she wasn't studying Aragami, Momiji, and anything else too slow to evade her microscope. A specialist in biochemistry, Matsudaira came up with a number of extremely effective anti-Aragami weapons based on light or chemical enzymes.

See Matsudaira packing heat

Sakura Yamazaki, faith healer and brazen American. (Either slutty street dress, or ritual kimono and glasses and sorceress props). A sometimes-rival of Momiji's, Sakura is a sorceress whose charms have a good degree of power over the Aragami. - her effectiveness is only second to Kusanagi's. She is vain and arrogant, but pretty and effective. She stuck by the TAC in her own individualistic way. Was really working for the CIA undercover.

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