Classless Skills & Powers
An AD&D Variant

Ernest Mueller
Last revised February 16, 1999

This system, for AD&D 2nd Edition, takes the Skills & Powers idea and cleans it on up. It reconciles all the Option books and creates a simple, point-based AD&D character creation scheme that does not artificially limit your choices and provides a flexible, game-balanced way for you to create pretty much any character concept.

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Classless Skills & Powers

  1. Introduction
  2. Credits and Legal Notice
  3. Ability Score Generation
  4. Skills, Skill Trees, and Character Points
  5. Racial Skills
  6. Character Skills
  7. Skill Trees
  8. Standard Character Creation Examples
  9. Custom Character Creation Example
  10. Reconciling Classes


  1. Appendix A - Classless NPC's
  2. Appendix B - Zero Level PC's

Sample Characters

  1. Example Classless Characters