Classless Skills & Powers
Sample Characters

These characters are all examples of what is possible in the Classless Skills & Powers system. Their ability scores were all generated with Method V (4d6 drop lowest) using the optional ability score growth option. All growth points but 9 were allocated during the initial generation process such that the characters would reach their maximum ability scores by 10th level. They are all built using the standard 200 CP limit, and I show each character's advancement in skill up through around 10th level.

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Andronicus the Savant - A wizard-priest of Boccob.

Li Kung Fan - The kung-fu bureaucrat from Kara-Tur.

Barin the Orc-Hammer - Fearless dwarven battle-chief.

Tendros the Zealot - Paladin of Tungsten, God of Health and Fitness.

Captain Hazezon - Nyrondese War Wizard.

Jim Revis - The general contractor.

Aravel Lethandior - The elvish ranger (and his little dog too).

Josh Woodson - Professional wrestler.

Snag - A common crook on the streets of Greyhawk.

Crazy Pepe - An unusual halfling cleric.