Classless Skills & Powers
Reconciling Classes

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So, you’ve decided to use this system for you next Skills & Powers campaign. Then you start thinking about all those spells and magic items and obscure rules that specify characters’ classes in their description somewhere.

Don’t lose heart - here are some conversion rules.

Levels are the same as levels ever were - so if a spell or item or ability affects a character, use their overall level to calculate its effects. Some level-related abilities, like spell casting level, are handled explicitly by these rules.

If a character has a primary tree of Combat (Melee, Missile, or Unarmed), treat them as a warrior. If their primary tree is Holiness, treat them as a priest. Stealth is for rogues and Wizardry is for wizards (Psionics, for psionicists…). For the purpose of maximum classes for demihumans, you may want to collapse relevant classes (Druid into Priest, Bard into Rogue) and take the more generous of the two limits.

If a character has another tree as their primary (e.g. Joe the Sailor) then count them as none, or make a DM fiat to whichever class the character most resembles. You should be asking yourself, however, do these class-specific effects make any sense? What is the spell, effect, or rule trying to get at? If the intent is, for example, that spellcasters are resistant to a specific spell, treat anyone with spellcasting ability as resistant. Use common sense, and be generous but fair in your interpretation.

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