Classless Skills & Powers
Character Points, Skills, and Skill Trees Introduction

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Character Points

A character begins life with 200 character points (CPs). These points are used to purchase all the character’s skills, whether they stem from race, class, weapon/nonweapon proficiency, or any other source. As characters rise in level they are awarded more character points to spend on additional skills as desired. Characters receive 20 character points for each experience level advanced. All new skills gained and advances in current skills are paid for using CPs. CPs also have all the secondary uses detailed in the Skills & Powers rulebook (pp.6-7).

Optionally, for those very fond of random generation, you can start out characters with 170+3d20 CP, and as they advance in level they should be awarded a base of 16 CP, plus 1-6 CP based either on random roll or DM assignation for character role-playing.


This is the technical term for all the specific abilities at a character’s disposal. In this system, very few skills are obtained for free. Every aspect of a character’s abilities are explicitly bought using CP. Theoretically, all skills are available to all characters, though the CP cost may be prohibitive. Many skills from Skills & Powers are retained intact, with the same point costs, in this system. Some have been changed to balance the system, those changes are noted as they appear.

Skill Trees

Skills are arranged into skill trees. A skill tree is a collection of related skills. Most trees have an initial cost to "buy into" the tree, and thereafter a character may purchase skills from the tree. Some skills have costs other than CP, such as prerequisite skills or special conditions. Skill trees reflect the benefit of related skills - if you have learned a lot about combat, for example, it is easier to learn more about combat than to learn about flower arrangement.

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